DNC is Broke: Donors Have Abandoned the Democrats

Wherever you find Democrats in concentration, pestilence lies in the midst. Look at the cities run by Democrats, and what do you have? Rampant violent crime, poverty, unemployment, and corruption.

Do we really need another article showcase the Top 10, no 50, no 100 Worst Places to Live? There won’t be a Republican-run city among them.

The investment in Leftism failed. Trillions spent on meaningless programs, that have made the country more divided than ever. And if Donald Trump showcased anything, he proved how bad things are on the Left.

Perhaps Democrats finally received the message? They are the Party of Destruction. And according to The Daily Caller, the Democrats’ finances suffer under the weight of the realization of just how destructive the Party has been:

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is having a tough time encouraging donors to contribute funds to the national organization as the party struggles to rebrand after its 2016 election loss.

“Donors, small and large, are so over the party,” Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska party told Politico, commenting on the failure of DNC chairman Tom Perez to refocus the party.

“Everybody thinks that some magic three-page document and some magic tagline is going to turn everything around for us,” Kleeb said. “But this is very typical work.”

Though donors continue to support individual candidates and causes, the DNC’s fundraising troubles may imperil the party’s strategy for 2018 elections. The party raised around $4 million in September, compared to the Republican National Committee’s haul of $10 million in the same period.

But it gets worse.

Not only do the Republicans out-fundraise the Democrats 2.5 to 1, but according to The Hill, they Republicans have six times the cash on hand.

The Republican National Committee also has a substantially bigger war chest, reporting $44 million cash on hand at the beginning of October, compared to the DNC’s $7 million.

And still it gets worse.

After the contentious election to replace Donna Brazile, radical Tom Perez won over anti-American Muslim Keith Ellison. When you consider the records of both these men, you understand the problem the Democrats face.

Perez outlined a new direction to win back the more than 1000 seats lost during the Era of Obama. His strategy has been to simply opposed President Trump across the board.

When that didn’t work, the Democrats rebranded, and then tried the strategy of giving the president part of his agenda in hopes of taking credit. But Twitter prevents that strategy from working.

In a move that shows Democrats aren’t complete morons, donors and top Democrats have expressed a lack of confidence that the Perez and deputy DNC chair Keith Ellison.  There is no evidence these two can motivate the Party or the masses.

“If you look at what Tom is trying to do, and Keith [Ellison], it really is a turnaround of the whole organization,” Washington state chairwoman Tina Podlodowski told Politico. “It’s going to take a little time to turn it around.”

No kidding.

The Democrats’ laughable message–lack thereof–hasn’t gone unnoticed on most Americans. It’s difficult to be anti-Trump, when his policies work.

The economy shows signs of a true turnaround, and the stock market is bullish, to say the least. Consumer confidence is up, matched only by the lowest unemployment rate in decades.

When the Democrat donors look into their crystal balls, they don’t see the Democratic Party. They see Donald Trump revitalizing all aspect of America, including the way the younger generation thinks about the country.

No longer is pessimism the word of the era. Pessimism has been replace by optimism.

Interestingly, the Democrats seem to have run out of ideas. They paint anybody who dare not agree with them as racist. They have overworked so many words, that the words ring hollow.

So what do the Democrats do to stem the tide of Trumpism?

According to the article, they continue the same old same old.

Perez has focused fundraising efforts on traditionally Democratic areas with events in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts earlier this summer, and Seattle and San Francisco in recent weeks, Politico reports. But some donors are waiting to see the party bring in new talent before they sign more checks.

“I’ve had enough dinners,” longtime donor John Morgan, an Orlando, Fla., lawyer who may make his own bid for governor in 2018, told Politico. “I’m not really interested. I’m going to let them get new blood. I can’t get motivated.”

Love of America remains in most of our DNA. President Trump has nudged the genome, and even some Democrats now get it.


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