Harvey Girls: 8 Actresses Rumored to have Slept their Way to the Top

Harvey Girls: 8 Actresses Rumored to have Slept their Way to the Top

This commentary came from a Reddit thread:

I have a fairly successful actress friend who openly admits she has slept with producers for roles. Why shouldn’t she use all of the tools at her disposal to get ahead in a fickle, scrappy industry? She gets great, mainstream roles.

I struggle with this. I feel once sex is on the table in exchange for money, essentially, it puts all other women who aren’t willing to trade sex at a disadvantage and even puts them in danger around aggressors like Harvey Weinstein. If one actress was willing to do it, people like him feel more empowered. Like, “what the hell is wrong with you? That other actress didn’t have a problem?” Now I’m reading articles in which unnamed Hollywood insiders are essentially blaming the women for being offended. Like, this is Hollywood… deal with it.

I guess if I’m being unfair to my actress friend, I want somebody to open my eyes. I don’t want to be closed minded…don’t want to go around blaming women who are having consensual sex for enabling a system in which other women are being harassed.

See the quandary of the Women’s Movement?

But the person continues, and puts the blame back on men.

I know the fault is with the men who are forcing women to decide between sexual harassment or their careers. But I can’t help but feel that in order to fix the environment, all women need to take sex in exchange for roles off the table. Am I being unfair? Open my eyes if I am!


As you review the video, consider that a few of these actresses indeed “came out of nowhere” to have successful careers.

Regarding the Reddit question, the person is on the right track as he or she skids down the death funnel of Leftism.

Long ago, Hollywood established a culture where the “holy grail” of a successful career led through the bedroom of the powerful. So for all the Hollywood types coming out now to pretend they weren’t aware reeks of hypocrisy.

One comment to the person’s query stated things clearly unclearly:

The problem isn’t an actress sleeping with a producer to get a role. The problem is the person of authority (producer, director) willingly exchanging a role for sex.

Edit: Like, if a director wants to f–k someone to put them in that role, they’re going to. Your friend turning them down won’t do anything, they’ll just find someone else.

Who’s to blame? The authority or the willing participant?

That willingness to win at all cost belies Leftism. And these actors and actresses know, “If I don’t do it, somebody else will!” However, if that willingness didn’t exist, neither would the lecherous people who prey on these ingenues.

One comment blamed “putting food on the table”.

I wouldn’t call that 100% willing if creepy producers and the like keep insinuating that only those who fuck them will get roles. This is a job like any other and food needs to be put on the table. It’s not ok for people in power to take advantage of desperation.

As if there aren’t other jobs? How many actors await their “break” by working in restaurants or figuring out other ways to make a living. I’m not saying they wouldn’t hit the casting couch given the chance. However, there are many in Hollywood who believe their hard work and talent will be enough. {I know…you can laugh now.}

In regular jobs, is employment predicated on having sex? If that’s the case, there wouldn’t be many janitors, would there? Or perhaps I’m naive to believe that most people in regular jobs wouldn’t screw the boss for them?

This comment may sum it up best:

When it comes to a ‘chance’ at getting a role in a blockbuster, the rewards are potentially huge. You get a chance at not only a huge amount of money for that role, but the publicity and recognition worldwide which comes with it. This could be $1m for a headline role, or even start a superstar career worth upwards of $200m to the actress.

The problem with those potential rewards is they are so significant, if a producer offers you a role with a caveat of ‘going out for a drink’, with an insinuation they expect more; it is difficult to find people who would not take that.

If you asked an aspiring actress “would you sleep with someone you didn’t especially like for a chance at $200m”, I think most would seriously consider that half an hour of discomfort and chalk it down to a ‘cost’ for a shot at that role. People willingly play the lottery with similar terms, and “lose” in the short term for a chance of a big payoff.

But I can’t help but feel that in order to fix the environment, all women need to take sex in exchange for roles off the table.

This is the only solution, but is the most unrealistic. I do not believe these men just suddenly started this behaviour, it developed as part of the culture in Hollywood. Some producers knew these actresses were desperate, but they knew some also would say yes; so it persisted. It is pretty unsavoury behaviour and exploiting their desire to be famous, however realistically I can’t see how you stop all male producers from doing this, nor actresses from wanting their shot at the big time.

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