Kevin Sorbo’s Film ‘Let There Be Light’ CRUSHES George Clooney Matt Damon Film

Hollywood’s reckoning is long overdue. And Hercules CRUSHES Hollywood.

More on Kevin Sorbo’s film, Let There Be Light in just a minute.

First, a bit about the hypocrisy of Hollywood. As I await the revelation of the many sexual predators that lurk in its midst, I’m reminded of the saying: “Don’t hold your breath!”

That’s because Hollyweird knows that if America knew of the many sexual predators and other deviants who prowl Tinseltown were outed, it would doom the industry. So instead they cover for each other.

TBS chronicled Matt Damon and George Clooney who explained the Weinstein situation white promoting their film. The interview with Michael Strahan was a veritable Excuse-A-Paloosa.

The two needed to sell their film. And they tried to do so in the context of “Please don’t punish ALL of Hollyweird for what ONE MAN DID!”

It didn’t work. The film Suburbicon was called a bomb. And it garnered the money (more like didn’t) to prove it.

First the reviews:

Suburbicon is not shaping up to be the hit director George Clooney was hoping for.

Critics are slamming the mystery-thriller, which focuses on an idyllic, suburban community rattled by a mafia-esque invasion.

Even Academy Award-winning actors Matt Damon and Julianne Moore weren’t enough to earn the film (rated R for violence, language and some sexuality) praise from critics.

Here are a few reviews that have helped the movie reach its current 26% score on aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes:

The Atlantic

“About 30 minutes into the movie, a depressing thought dawned on me: These storylines are never going to intersect. And indeed, they don’t… The result is a film that is both mundanely and inimitably bad.”


“A misguided mix of nasty comedy and civil rights drama…  A racially charged drama, complete with flaming Confederate flags, should not be squeezed in next to a farcical film noir with bloody slapstick and zany camerawork.”

I particularly liked the Newsday review, which showcased how Hollywood tried to slip in a bit of social justice warrioring into their mixed up mess.

The reviews continue:

Rolling Stone

“This scattershot satire of the dark underbelly of 1950s suburbia feels like a movie the Coen brothers forgot to make… But the star, staying behind the camera here, lacks the instinct to go for the jugular the way the material demands.”

The Wrap

“Like those talented pop singers who keep making valiant stabs at being actors — and vice versa — George Clooney can’t seem to stay away from the director’s chair… Clooney’s directorial legacy won’t get any help from Suburbicon, a garish and overblown crime melodrama that combines clumsy noir with lame jabs at 1950s suburban conformity and racism, two subjects whose satirical sell-by date are now decades past.”


“I think to make it work you’d have to lop off the entire black family story (which doesn’t even get a satisfactory resolution) and just keep the Coens’ material. Mixing pulpy black comedy and a straight-ahead story of racism translates only into sanctimonious pulp.”

Entertainment Weekly

“The movie does get some fun gory mileage out of its cracked-Pleasantville premise; but mostly it feels like broad farce madly in search of a cohesive center, and a soul.”

Next, how did the film do at the box office?

From Variety:

Jigsaw” is dominating the domestic box office on the pre-Halloween weekend with about $20 million, but Matt Damon’s “Suburbicon” and Miles Teller’s “Thank You for Your Service” are bombing, early estimates showed Friday.

“Jigaw,” the eighth installment in Lionsgate’s “Saw” franchise, is performing in line with expectations, which had ranged from $18 million to $22 million at 2,941 locations this weekend. It’s a different story for the other two new titles as audiences are shunning “Suburbicon” and “Thank You for Your Service” with neither likely to hit even $4 million — both well below modest pre-weekend forecasts in the $6 million range.


“Suburbicon,” directed by George Clooney and starring Damon, earned only $180,000 at 1,614 sites in previews on Thursday night, a minuscule take compared to the $1.6 million for “Jigsaw.”

“Suburbicon,” which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, centers on the dark side of a prototypical suburban community in 1959. Paramount acquired U.S. distribution rights last year for $10 million with Black Bear Pictures financing. Critics have not been impressed with “Suburbicon,” earning the film a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Julianne Moore, Noah Jupe, and Oscar Isaac also star in the movie, which carries a $25 million budget.

Hercules crushes Hollywood

Kevin Sorbo created his latest film, Let There Be Light for less than $4 million. A paltry sum by Hollywood standards, $4M is Matt Damon’s wardrobe budget. But Sorbo is known for stretching a budget and making good films.

In a previous work, God is Dead was created with around the same budget. Nevertheless, that Sorbo film grossed over $100 million when it ended its run in theaters.

The same trajectory appears likely for Let There Be Light. After only two days, the film has already made more than Damon and Clooney’s film. In fact, almost double.

So far Sorbo’s film has earned $1.8 million. However, the $25 million budget Suburbicon only grossed $1 million for the Hollywood hunks.

Congratulations to Kevin and Sam Sorbo for another great film that honors God and Conservatives. And thanks to Sean Hannity for helping to make this project a reality.

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