Hillary Clinton Held a Secret Meeting With Dems on RussiaGate

Hillary Clinton Held a Secret Meeting With Dems on RussiaGate

Unless you’re a brain-dead Leftist or another type of moron, you’ve noticed that Hillary Clinton and the DNC are scrambling.

As the investigation into Russian collusion continues to shed light on the crooked Clinton cartel, Hillary Clinton held meeting over the weekend to discuss strategy.

The meeting was disguised as a birthday bash for Clintons 70th birthday party. And her guest list included individuals currently under investigation in Mueller’s Russia probe.

According The Daily Caller:

“Clinton hung out with Sidney Blumenthal and political consultant Tony Podesta this weekend at the former Democratic presidential candidate birthday bash. 

 Podesta is the brother of John Podesta, another person in Clinton’s inner circle, and the co-founder of the Podesta Group, a consulting firm that worked alongside Paul Manafort’s effort to lobby U.S. Congress’s support for Ukraine’s inclusion in the EU.

 Democratic California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris made appearances at Clinton birthday party, where they were greeted with heaping helpings of champagne, finger food and chocolate cake. Lawmakers were not the only people in attendance. Clinton celebrated her 70th birthday alongside David Brock, the founder of liberal media outlet Media Matters, and Brian Fallon, one of her campaign advisers.”

This was a Mafia meeting. These Democrat gangsters gathered under the guise of a party to avoid suspicion. They invite friends and family to complete the ruse. They pretend to party, but the real reason for the gathering is to conduct Clinton Mafia business.

At this event, after dinner and drinks were shared the Mafiosos went to a back room to discuss business. And you can bet the head of the crime family, Hillary Clinton was not happy. Every member of the Clintons’ crime family has the potential to bring the family down.

Bad News for the Clintons

We have seen the Clintons corruption play out for more then three decades. And each time these crooks managed to escape indictment, prosecution or some form of accountability. When it comes to the Clintons, people who testify conveniently commit suicide with two bullets to the back of the head.

Thus, the Clintons have operated their crooked cartel in the open.

How else can you amass hundreds of millions having done no real work?

The Clinton Foundation laundered money for every crazed dictator in the world. Their dealings are beyond scandalous, as we’ve learned with Russia.

The crimes and cover-ups show unimaginable malice. The death of four people in Benghazi, and the lies told around that incident.

Then there were the years of sexual assaults by Bill Clinton, and again the cover-ups. The Clintons sold America out to the Chinese, and did a host of other shady deals all to maintain power.

Once Bill Clinton’s political career ended, Hillary Clinton’s career began.

The Clintons formed their family extortion racket, disguised as a charity. They veiled their crooked business behind a private email sever, and began their larceny.

Ultimately, Hillary Clinton committed a cover-up deleting 33,000 emails. She did this to cover up Uranium One, paying for the fake Dossier, and putting our National Security at risk.

So, I understand why many remain skeptical that Clintons will never pay for their decades of corruption. And I’m sure people in Hollywood thought that Harvey Weinstein was untouchable as well. After all he got away with sexually assaulting women for nearly three decades. But something broke, and now he’s been exposed.

So I’m exubertant! Hillary Clinton will be jailed.

Given everything that has happened and with Trump in that Oval Office Hillary’s crime spree has come to an end.

We witness Democrats scrambling to try and change the narrative to distract from their own sins. We recently pointed out:

“For a year now the Left told us that Russia represents one of the biggest threats to the United States. 

Leftist media outlets and Democrats spun the narrative that Trump is nothing more then a puppet for Putin and Russia. They accused candidate-Trump and President Trump of colluding with Russia to become president.

 Yet, more evidence existed linking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to the Russians than Trump had in three lifetimes.

 Take a look at former Obama campaign director in an interview with Tucker Carlson saying the uranium deal was a win for the United States.

CARLSON: “In exchange, we give up control of 20% of our strategic Uranium reserves and I don’t think anybody in retrospect I think that’s a wise idea, do you?”

BIRO: “Honestly I actually see this as a win. For so long this was just thrown off as a myth, it was dismissed, the president told us that this was fake news, but I’m glad to see that Republicans are now beginning to take this seriously, that Russia is seeking to destabilize our democracy. I don’t see this as a partisan issue, whatever it takes to the stable side of our democracy.”

Yes. Selling materials to make nuclear bombs to our supposed arch enemy is a WIN!

 So suddenly the Russians and Dr. evil Putin himself are the good guys? Nice try.

We will see more narrative spins like these from the Democrats in weeks to come. But no matter how much they try and deflect, their own collusion will continue to be exposed.

The dominoes have begun to fall, and this time around Hillary Clinton will finally see the inside of a prison cell. And so will many of her “party-goers”.

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