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Hollywood Execs Dropping Like Flies Thanks to Weinstein

Hollywood Execs Dropping Like Flies Thanks to Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is being force-fed accountability for his decades of deplorable behavior.

Now, Hollywood sex scandals are crawling out of every crack on every sidewalk in Tinsel Town.

Andrew Kramer, executive for Lionsgate, is the latest to step-down after allegations of misconduct. He’s worked for Lionsgate Motion Pictures since 2013. Before that, he was part of Weinstein’s crew. Kramer worked as President of Business and Legal affairs and acted as general counsel for Weinstein. Apparently, Kramer picked up a dirty trick or two working for the prodigious pervert.

As the Hollywood Reporter notes:

When word of Kramer’s departure from Lionsgate first broke on Thursday, insiders said it was because of a restructuring prompted by the recent hire of Joe Drake as co-president of the Motion Picture Group alongside Patrick Wachsberger. Numerous sources confirm the restructuring was a cause of his exit. However, these sources also say Kramer was recently investigated by the company for claims of an inappropriate interaction with a female assistant at the Berlin International Film Festival in February of this year. A senior Lionsgate executive who witnessed the exchange reported the incident, prompting an inquiry. The results of the investigative were inconclusive, according to the insiders. The assistant requested to be reassigned and was.

Kramer declined to comment. A spokesperson for Lionsgate also declined to comment, saying the company does not discuss personnel matters. Sources close to the company stress that the chief reason for severing ties with Kramer was because of the restructuring, not the harassment allegation, though the claim “didn’t help.”

Across the entertainment industry, companies are beginning to actively enforce a policy of zero-tolerance when it comes to harassment in the wake of the sexual misconduct scandal engulfing Harvey Weinstein and, by extension, TWC.

Although allegations against Kramer are benign in comparison to Weinstein, he’s gone nonetheless.

But Kramer isn’t the only one facing unemployment.

Amazon’s studio executive, Roy Price, was suspended Oct. 13 for a 2015 incident. He has since resigned.

Last week, Nickelodeon fired Chris Savino. Unfortunately, the creator of Loud House was slapped with multiple allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. And though unrelated to Hollywood, per se, NBC fired Mark Halperin after five women from ABC laid out their allegations of sexual harassment.

And now this bombshell.

Today, Netflix announced season 6 will be the last for House of Cards.

Fox News elaborates:

The news comes after many fans are called on Netflix to pull the plug on its original series following a report from Buzzfeed News in which actor Anthony Rapp alleged Spacey, then 26, made a sexual advance on him when he was 14 years old.

Soon after, Spacey released a statement admitting he didn’t remember the incident in question. In the statement, the 58-year-old star came out as a gay man.

The old, “I don’t remember and oh by the way I’m gay” defense?

Would this work better if he announced that he is straight?

“I don’t remember” implies, two things: (1) I might not remember others, and (2) there are others.

For the record, ALL of Hollyweird knows that Spacey swings from the other side of the fence. To announce his “gayness” is tantamount to Hollywood being aghast to learn that Harvey Weinstein has been molesting women for…THREE DECADES!

The outspoken Lesbian comedian, Wanda Skyes, weighed in on the Spacey Scandal.

Skyes commented on Twitter, saying Spacey can’t “choose’ to hide under the rainbow.” In other words, coming out as gay doesn’t excuse hitting on a 14-year-old.

Uh oh. The LGBTQ community doesn’t want one of its own? Do I sense a rift?


Fox News adds:

The criticism against Spacey was widespread.

Frank Rich, a writer for New York magazine and executive producer for “Veep,” tweeted, “This is changing the subject. Rapp’s charge is pedophilia.”

Rapp told Buzzfeed News that in 1986, Spacey, a fellow Broadway actor at the time, invited Rapp to his apartment for a party. Later in the evening, Spacey, then 26, allegedly “picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance,” according to the report.

Rapp said he pushed Spacey off of him, went to a bathroom and closed the door, thinking: “What is happening?” He told Spacey he had to go home, to which Spacey allegedly asked if Rapp was “sure” he wanted to do that.

Rapp, who came forward less than a month after accusations against mega-producer Harvey Weinstein led to his Hollywood downfall, said he decided to speak out “not to simply air a grievance … but to try to shine another light on the decades of behavior that have been allowed to continue because many people, including myself, being silent.”

As we predicted weeks ago, Weinstein was just the tip of the iceberg. The dominoes will continue to fall one by one. Soon, Hollywood will have job fairs to replace the thousands of deviants they were forced to weed out.

My new prediction is that we’ll be seeing lots of new talent in the coming year. Maybe this crop of actors and actresses won’t have slept their way to the top.


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