Hollywood Running Scared: Weinstein Just Tip of the Iceberg

Hollywood Running Scared: Weinstein Just Tip of the Iceberg

It’s time the Hollyweirdo’s buckle their britches, literally.

The old ways of sleeping your way to the top are definitely in jeopardy. 

Obviously Weinstein is ruined, as he will never recover his reputation. Now Hollywood sees him as a caged animal. Many question what he may do next.

Weinstein spent decades using his money and influence to get his way. If he’s actually held accountable for his actions, what will happen to all the other “power players”?

When the NY Times outed Weinstein, nearly twenty women were document, and eight settlements chronicled. That’s a Clinton-sized scandal right there. Its hard to imagine these women are merely the tip of the iceberg.

However, as Josh Dickey notes, we can expect a lot more to come crawling out of the woodwork.

Now Hollywood is buzzing again, this time about a forthcoming New Yorker piece that’s rumored to detail far worse, and from more people.

“Absolutely, I’m positive that more women will come forward — that I am not alone, It was kind of a horrible kept secret in Hollywood, that he had this type of behavior,” Sivan told NBC’s Megyn Kelly TODAY. “People would whisper about it all the time.”

And before too long, we’ll be talking about much more than just Harvey Weinstein.

The same “whisper network” that allowed an entire industry to know about Weinstein’s vile abuses for years carries other names. Some are bigger names than Weinstein; powerful, popular men whose prominence requires no explanation outside of Hollywood. Some names are on Weinstein’s level. Some are lesser-known names.

All of them work in a business whose gatekeepers have been using their power as levers to ply sex from the less powerful since time immemorial. The “casting couch” is a shabby, repulsive cliche, but it’s also carries a kernel of truth. Those gatekeepers are sometimes moguls, but they’re also directors, agents, financiers, screenwriters, and even journalists.

While other Hollywood elites are looking over their shoulders, the Weinstein tales are far from finished. Today, new allegations suggest that women who were just harassed by Weinstein are the lucky ones.

From Harasser to Rapist

The New Yorker piece makes the NY Times look like Dr. Seuss.

According to the New Yorker, Weinstein raped at least three women. Given that the New York Times killed a story about Weinstein back in 2013 and Leftists continue to extol Weinstein’s virtues, they are complicit in these alleged rapes.

As we previously noted,

Obviously, money is power. And, if you contribute a huge chunk of the advertising budget of the country’s leading newspaper, you control the narrative that paper delivers. Sadly, the same newspaper that once promised “all the news that’s fit to print” should change it’s motto to “all the news we’ve been paid to give.”

True, the New York Times did finally break the Weinstein story. However, if it had run in 2004, countless women might have been saved from Weinstein’s perverted behavior.

Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette are among the top actresses who detail stories of Weinstein’s unwanted advances. Asia Argento tells a much darker story of rape. All of these women say their careers suffered when Weinstein didn’t get his way.

I for one wondered what happened to Mira Sorvino, as I found her talented. I guess I got my answer.

Desperate Times

Now, Weinstein’s desperation is on display for all to see.

A former editor of The Hollywood Reporter tweeted a transcript of a recent letter sent by Weinstein. I give this level of grovel a solid TEN, as Weinstein pleas to maintain some semblance of power. I particularly love the part where he writes,

“A lot of the allegations are false as you know but given therapy and counseling as other people have done, I think I’d be able to get there.”

“There” being “resurrected”.

Interesting, that the man ask for therapy about the “false allegations”. Those allegations grow daily, and will eclipse Bill Clinton’s and Bill Cosby’s total accuser count within hours.


Obviously, this hard core Leftist Democrat believes he can brush off rape as the latest addiction.

And we’re supposed to believe a little rehab makes up for the hundreds of women Weinstein victimized. Next thing you know, we’ll see commercials for Rape Addiction and 1-800 numbers promising the cure. It’s just one more way Leftists take accountability off the table.

Who’s Next

Unfortunately, Weinstein is the poster boy for everything wrong with Hollywood. While these Liberals try to influence both policy and the candidates, they idolize all the wrong people. Remember when Meryl Streep got on stage and nearly cried over Trump’s presidency? This same leftist called Weinstein a God. That’s the insanity of leftism.

Undoubtedly, Weinstein’s fall from grace will inspire others to start outing the other Hollyweirdos. Whether they seek true justice, or just the latest headlines- one thing is clear. The casting couch will never be quite as comfy as it once was.




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