Kathy Griffin Sparks Neighborhood Feud

Kathy Griffin Sparks Neighborhood Feud

Since her public battle with Donald Trump, it seems Kathy Griffin is losing popularity on the block.

Recently, police responded to a call at Griffin’s home. Apparently, Griffin and her longtime boyfriend, Randy Bick, called in a noise complaint because the neighbors were having a “very loud party”. The culprits were CEO Jeffrey Mezger’s grandchildren. The three little girls were swimming in the pool and apparently that’s just entirely too loud. One would think a comedian would appreciate laughter. Obviously, Griffin only laughs when on the clock.

Unfortunately, Mezger lost his temper and snapped at Griffin. Not enough that police took action. so Bick and Griffin took matters into their own hands. The two wasted no time releasing the security camera footage to the media to cover for their own childish behavior.

Now the bad news for Griffin and beau.

The Chicago Tribune notes the recordings appear to be doctored. So, in the video you can hear everything Mezger shouted. However, conveniently, all we hear from Griffin or Bick is an innocent question of “What’s going on?”

A bit of history

Griffin is relatively new to the neighborhood. And in less than a year, she’s reported at least 10 noise complaints against the Mezger family. Now, Mezger will be penalized by KB Homes. They will dock his annual bonus 25%, which could amount to approximately $125,000.

Oddly, I think people sympathize with Mezger and understand why he finally lost his cool with the not-so-funny comedian. And while it doesn’t excuse his outlandish behavior, likely anyone living next to Kathy Griffin would experience some kind of nervous breakdown.

People are likely shocked Griffin didn’t mock decapitate her neighbor and post it on social media. After all, he’s more lowly than the president.

Griffin plays the victim so perfectly. It’s okay for her to go around attacking rich, powerful men. However, the second one of them lashes out at her, suddenly she’s calling the cops.

Meanwhile, I’m sure Kathy Griffin is already looking for some way to monetize this ordeal. Remember, her antics with Donald Trump cost her the only endorsement deal she had. Without Squatty Potty, Griffin has nothing to fall back on. Her comedy isn’t funny.

And without sounding cruel, I hasten to add that Griffin’s looks won’t land her any roles. Her only hope is for some sleazy reality TV company to step in and follow her. There is always an audience to watch people hit rock bottom.

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