Jimmy Kimmel Gets PUMMELED: Crying again soon on a TV near you

Jimmy Kimmel Gets PUMMELED: Crying again soon on a TV near you

Hollyweirds may not overtly claim to be the moral voice of America. But they sure act like they are.

Take comedy hack Jimmy Kimmel. He actually cried on TV about Obamacare, claiming that the repeal would devastate the country.

Kimmel complains about everything Donald Trump has done from the moment Trump declared his run for the presidency. It appears however, Kimmel’s outrage waned dramatically, at least when it comes to discussing–actually, not discussing–Harvey Weinstein.

Kimmel defended himself saying he didn’t make jokes about Harvey because he isn’t “Americas moral conscience.”

The Daily Beast reported:

On Friday during an interview with Good Morning America’s Amy Robach:

“First of all, the Harvey Weinstein thing, people like this false equivalence of that’s somehow equivalent to what happened in Las Vegas,” Kimmel added, arguing that the alleged assault of dozens of women does not deserve the same reaction as the killing of nearly 60 people.

He said that Weinstein is “not a friend of mine,” adding, “I’m not in the movie business.”

“They’re saying that I’m calling myself the moral conscience of America, which I most certainly never did and most certainly never would,” he declared.”

Sure. Kimmel is not “Hollywood”.

He just lives there, performs his work there, and brings mostly Hollywood stars on his show. But other than that, he just your run-of-the-mill comedy hack.

It’s interesting that Kimmel is all of sudden backing down off of his moral high horse. Ironically, the Left has praised Kimmel for his rants against the president for months. CNN has even written articles about Kimmel, dubbing him “America’s moral conscience.”


“when he is on the edge of emotional breakdown over his fears for his newborn son, or the massacre of innocent people in his hometown, it does not come across to most viewers as Hollywood activism; it comes across as human activism.

Kimmel’s public image is antithetical to elitism; he presents as entirely down to earth, even salt of the earth. “

The article refers to the time Kimmel fake tears over Trumps efforts to replace the not-so-adorable Obamacare referenced earlier.

“If your baby is going to die and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make,” Kimmel said, his voice breaking again. “I think that’s something that whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right?” His audience roared with approval.”

 And his most recent attacks he made attacking the 2nd Amendment:

“Here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicable, shocking and painful tragedy, This time in Las Vegas, which happens to be my hometown.”

“Our forefathers wanted us to have AK-47s, I guess, is the argument, I assume.” These are “weapons designed to kill large numbers of people in the shortest possible time,” he said, adding, “I don’t know why our so-called leaders allow this to happen.”

So, after months of outrage over guns, healthcare and portraying he cares for the human condition we hear crickets from Kimmel over sexual assault victims?

Anybody think Kimmel would be as tight-lipped if Trump were proven to have sexually harassed to the degree as Trump?

Kimmel is a bald-face liar. He’s not discussing Weinstein, because he knows the implications of doing so. He would be piling on a very real problem that has existed in Hollywood for decades. To pretend he isn’t aware reeks of hypocrisy.

If Hollyweirdos were capable of telling the truth, they would admit that Hollywood only cares about one thing: its agenda.

Weinstein promoted that agenda, and use the cover of charity and powerful friends to commit heinous acts with impunity. His story reminds me of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had the advantage of being married to an attack dog. Hillary Clinton paved the way for people like Weinstein to survive and thrive.

And Jimmy Kimmel is part of the problem. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. So do other late night hosts who have avoided discussing Weinstein, choosing instead to bash Trump.

But the public knows the deal. And Kimmel won’t recover from this.

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