Top Democrats Declare: Vladimir Putin No Longer Evil

Top Democrats Declare: Vladimir Putin No Longer Evil

For a year now the Left told us that Russia represents one of the biggest threats to the United States. When Mitt Romney said this during the presidential election of 2012, he was dismissed as a lunatic. How times changed.

Leftist media outlets and Democrats spun the narrative that Trump is nothing more then a puppet for Putin and Russia. They accused candidate-Trump and President Trump of colluding with Russia to become president.

And then we learned the obvious truth.

More evidence existed linking Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to the Russians than Trump had in three lifetimes. But the Left set upon their destructive course. From the Podesta Group, The Clinton Foundations, Obama’s “hot mic” moment with Medveyev, and many other Russia connections, the press found that Trump was the story.

Finally, the Uranium One deal that had been in the mainstream for years hit the press squarely between the eyes. The new “old” revelations forced the press to discuss the story of the deal that gave the Russians–reminder: the bad guys–20 percent of America’s Uranium. And the deal was brokered by the Clintons with Obama’s knowledge.


Take a look at former Obama campaign director in an interview with Tucker Carlson saying this deal was a win for the United States.

CARLSON: “In exchange, we give up control of 20% of our strategic Uranium reserves and I don’t think anybody in retrospect I think that’s a wise idea, do you?”

BIRO: “Honestly I actually see this as a win. For so long this was just thrown off as a myth, it was dismissed, the president told us that this was fake news, but I’m glad to see that Republicans are now beginning to take this seriously, that Russia is seeking to destabilize our democracy. I don’t see this as a partisan issue, whatever it takes to the stable side of our democracy.”

It’s a WIN!

Yes. Selling materials to make nuclear bombs to our supposed arch enemy is a WIN!

Interestingly, the Left want to wholly ignore the manner in which this deal got done. Obama authorized his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to move forward with this crooked deal, and she gleefully obliged.

Hillary Clinton’s soon-to-be campaign manager John Podesta brokered the deal. He enlisted help from none other than Clinton’s husband by way of The Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech where he set the deal in motion. Podesta and team received a few million, and The Clinton Foundation garnered $145 million.

Obama? I’m not sure of the monetary gain. However he did cripple America’s nuclear capabilities and paid back a favor to the Clintons. Obama likely considered these two things payment enough.

The question still remains: If Putin is Dr. Evil then why allow the deal in the first place?

And the next question would be, “If Putin can broker deals with Hillary Clinton that compromise the national security of the United States, why in the world would he want Trump as president?!”

No matter what conspiracy theories the left tries to push regarding Trump and Russia, they must now answer questions like these.

The Clintons are not strangers to selling out America.

Recall back in 1998 when Bill and Hillary Clinton ignored national security to please a big Democratic donor.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“Loral Space and Communications Ltd. was a company that owned a satellite that China attempted to launch into space in 1996. After it crashed, Loral and Hughes Electronics helped China investigate what went wrong.

 Many in Clinton’s own administration believed that their aid violated export control laws, and ended up giving away critical technical know-how that shouldn’t have been shared with China.

 congressional report exploring the incident would eventually find that both Loral and Hughes showed China to how to improve the reliability of its long-range rockets as a result of their aid.

 But in the face of these charges, Clinton in early 1998 approved the sale of another Loral satellite to China. Connections were quickly made between that decision and the fact that Loral’s CEO, Bernard Schwartz, was a heavy Democratic donor.

Schwartz reportedly had to lobby the Clinton administration heavily, and warned that failure to allow the sale would do real harm to his company.

Clinton defended his decision by saying it didn’t lead to any technology transfer to China, and said it was in the U.S. national interest. Years would pass before Loral and Hughes would be fined for the incident. Loral agreed to pay $20 million to settle the investigation in 2002, but didn’t have to admit any wrongdoing.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The Clintons have been selling out America for decades.

As Hillary Clinton often quotes Maya Angelou [pp], “If a person shows you who they are when you meet them, believe them!”

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