Media Silence on ILLNESS: Check out Hillary Clinton on Crutches [VIDEO]

Media Silence on ILLNESS: Check out Hillary Clinton on Crutches [VIDEO]

Remember all the rumors that surfaced during the campaign about Hillary Clinton?

On 9-11 in New York, Clinton almost bit it, head-first into her SUV.

Tell me this is “allergies!”

Why this isn’t ALL OVER THE MEDIA should tell you all you need to know.

Notice how Clinton starts to wobble while standing there? The Secret Service stood at the ready.

Finally, Clinton buckles. Clinton cursed the Secret Service in the past. But lucky for her, the Secret Service kept her from falling flat on her face.

This wasn’t the only episode:

After a rally in November, Clinton almost loses it again:

Hillary Clinton staggers into her limo, as she looked drunk. Luckily for her, philandering Bill Clinton was there to catch her.

Watch as Bill Clinton helps Hillary Clinton as she noodles, almost falling. Hillary Clinton staggers

Hillary Clinton is sick, and she’s likely an alcoholic. A scam is being played on Liberals who support this psychopathic drunk. Sadly, they Leftists are willing participants.

If Trump had a single video where he had coughing fits, or almost passed out, this election would have been over instantaneously. He would have been endlessly ridiculed, and his age called into question.

Hillary Clinton has almost “louied” multiple times, and we are told that she “powered through.” This woman has one foot on the grave and another on a banana peel. To elect her is to elect that other psycho “Kandi” Kaine.

Hillary Clinton was sick then, and she more sick now.

Check out this photo of Clinton at Yale University, were she uses braces to keep herself up.

Remember this picture from the campaign?

Hillary Clinton looked like death eating a cracker. You can see the concern of Governor Cuomo and her on-site physician.

Hillary Clinton coughs

Clinton tried to play this off at the time as “dehydration”, then allergies.

Finally, there was this incident we documented.

Hillary Clinton can’t keep the lid on her lingering health issues. It’s like the Left believe the public will forget about it.

We might, if the health issues didn’t persist. However, questions about Clinton’s health have re-emerged, due to her campaign appearance on Friday.

At the event, Clinton had another coughing fit, while delivering lies. The Daily Mail took note of this, and noted this was the second time in a week that Clinton had experienced trouble with coughing. As on social media friend of mine quipped, “I guess that pneumonia is still there?”

To add insult to injury, Clinton needed assistance walking down the stairs at the venue.

Recall that only a few days ago while going to the podium at a university event, Clinton needed help up two steps. Help up a staircase, and perhaps people would overlook it; certainly at her age. But to need help up two steps by Secret Service, and having the “doctor” nearby isn’t good for optics.


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