Media Silence on MAJOR DNC Shakeup

Media Silence on MAJOR DNC Shakeup

Nancy Pelosi announced recently that the Democratic Party is alive and well.

There are no “fractures” in the Party, she claimed on The View.

Based on Pelosi’s statement, we must presume that the leadership wanting her to step aside isn’t a fracture?

Next we get news of a major overhaul of the DNC.

As NBC reports,

A shake-up is underway at the Democratic National Committee as several key longtime officials have lost their posts, exposing a still-raw rift in the party and igniting anger among those in its progressive wing who see retaliation for their opposition to DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

The ousters come ahead of the DNC’s first meeting, in Las Vegas, Nevada, since Perez took over as chairman with a pledge earlier this year that he would unite the party that had become badly divided during the brutal Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton 2016 primary.

Complaints began immediately after party officials saw a list of Perez’ appointments to DNC committees and his roster of 75 “at-large” members, who are chosen by the chair.

The removal and demotion of a handful of veteran operatives stood out, as did what critics charge is the over-representation of Clinton-backed members on the Rules and Bylaws Committee, which helps set the terms for the party’s presidential primary, though other Sanders and Ellison backers remain represented.

I remind you that turmoil within the DNC surprises no one, except perhaps Nancy Pelosi.

In less than two years, the DNC has had three chairman. Two of the chairmen were dismissed in disgrace, specifically Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile.

Wasserman Schultz’ problems are not over, as she will be the target of an investigation involving the Awan family.

Recall the details of that story:

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is still tangled up in the massive IT scandal.

Now Schultz’ employment of the Awan brothers is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

When we first broke the news of the Muslim spies employed by Congress, people were shocked by the details. The Awan brothers made a living as IT Scammers. They appeared on the payrolls of several ranking democrats. However, once the scandal came to light- most dems dropped the brothers like hot potatoes.

Yet, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz refused to believe the brothers committed any crimes. But, as we explained back in February:

These Muslims were stealing data and computers while over-billing for their services. Further, these overpaid staffers received $100,000 from an Iraqi politician through the House of Representatives computer network.

As for DNC leadership, both Wasserman Schult and Brazile rigged the primary to eventual two-time presidential loser, Hillary Clinton, and she still lost.

The election loss of Clinton to Donald Trump created a tsunami within the “unfractured” Democratic Party. So much so, the Democrats decided they needed a new message.

After soul-searching, the Democrats offered the message of the NEW Democrats:

So, after decades of destroying America with insane policies, the Democrats finally lost big enough to have to find religion.

TBS lampooned the Democrats’ new message:

We watched Hillary Clinton flounder around, searching for that elusive “what do I stand for” thing. In fact, there were like 84 core messages before her camp settled on the uber-lame “Stronger Together.”

That message failed miserably, as black people didn’t get the memo. But hey, no worries. The Dems’ new core message is being worked on.

NY House Dem Caucus Chairman Joe Crawley explains:

That message is being worked on. We’re doing everything we can to simplify it, but at the same time provide the meat behind it as well. So that’s coming together now.

And as the AP noted,

The admission from the No. 4 House Democrat — that his party lacks a clear, core message even amid Republican disarray — highlights the Democrats’ dilemma eight months after President Donald Trump and the GOP dominated last fall’s elections, in part, because Democrats lacked a consistent message.

Funny the Democrats just now recognize they don’t have a core message.

I’m curious as to when was the last time the Democrats actually had a core message. And if it’s lost, then I suggest they look in the last place they put it.

If I were a Democrat I’d start looking in the year 2008. Their message was “Change we can believe in!”, and Obama was the messenger.It seems America got the message, and in 2016 decided to implement “Change we can REALLY believe in!”

Here is the partial list of Democrats pushed out of the DNC:

  • Ray Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic chairman and longtime DNC official who ran against Perez for chair before backing Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., lost his spots on the Executive Committee and DNC Rules Committee;
  • James Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute and prominent Sanders backer, is no longer co-chair of the Resolutions Committee and is off the Executive Committee, a spot he has held since 2001;
  • Alice Germond, the party’s longtime former secretary and a vocal Ellison backer, who was removed from her at-large appointment to the DNC; and
  • Barbra Casbar Siperstein, the first transgender member of the DNC who supported Ellison and Buckley, was tossed from the Executive Committee.

Talk about your hodgepodge of special interest.

And you know you have problems, when the DNC dismisses a TRANSGENDER! Nevertheless, let’s take Pelosi at her word: the Democrats are not fractured.

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