Melania Trump BLASTS Michelle Obama Legacy

Melania Trump BLASTS Michelle Obama Legacy

Michelle Obama spent more than a million dollars a year on personal aides.

Perhaps that’s what it takes to keep somebody like her operational. Consider the time in make-up and wardrobe alone.

The new First Lady, a billionaire’s wife found Michelle Obama’s budget overkill. Thus, Melania Trump brought fiscal responsibility back to the First Lady’s office by slashing the budget in half.

Melania Trump runs a tight ship. Like her husband, the First Lady knows that her budget comes from the taxpayers. She refuses to squander those funds like her predecessor.

Michelle Obama treated her role as First Lady as reparations for half her staffers. And she certainly showed no concern for the taxpayers.

According to records, Michelle Obama employed 16 personal aides. Further, her staff totaled 24 employees.

Obama even had an employee who held the title: “travel aid.” What exactly does a travel aide do? I picture some big black hunk who keeps his mouth shut, and whose shift begins at night. Could “travel aide” be a gigolo? Why not, since Barack Obama traveled with Reggie Love, a man described as Barack Obama’s “body man”. Love was also called Obama’s “Chief of Stuff”, among other things.

We don’t know what Reggie Love was paid. However, Michelle Obama’s staff cost taxpayers $1.24 million a year.

For perspective, understand that America’s new First Lady has four personal aids and a staff that totals 9 employees. Her staff costs less than $500,000 a year.

It’s been said that the atmosphere is nicer under the new administration. White House staffers commented that Michelle Obama was known as “The Queen of Mean”. Her angry tantrums had staffers looking for hiding places.

Conversely, staffers describe Melania Trump’s staff as a tight knit group that works well together.

Melania Trump Isn’t From the World of Politics

Melania follows husbands lead; #KevinJacksonLeftists are quick to criticize the First Lady by saying “Melania doesn’t have a political background”. Like that’s bad?

That’s the same thing they said about her husband, the new president. And the unlikely president.

How refreshing to have a First Lady who hasn’t see years of lying as her husband leapfrogged from one political lily pad to the next.

Melania Trump married a frugal billionaire. She understands the pomp and circumstance of her position, and she is likely the most qualified First Lady ever.

Yet the Left canonized Michelle Obama. The woman who still considers America to be racist and sexist. And what of her actual policies. Like Obama’s school lunch program that wasted enough food feed a small African nation. And don’t dare follow the money, as it would inevitable end with some big Democrat blunder.

Obama’s childhood obesity program accomplished nothing tangible.  School children cheered the departure of Michelle Obama and moreso the end of her program. President Trump tossed her policies and made food edible again. And you can bet in time the food for our children will be less expensive, yet taste exponentially better.

What’s the new First Lady tackling?

Something that has bi-partisan support. And the problem she’s addressing is one created by Leftism: opioid addiction.

Recently, Melania Trump hosted a round-table forum regarding the opioid addiction crisis in our country. This problem impacts far too many people and is destroying families.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump isn’t trying to revamp the entire healthcare system. And as explained, she not jacking with kids’ food. She tackling an issue that hit many people regardless of their politics. And she has the ear of the president.

What will be the cost? A lot less than anything the Obamas would have implemented.

I mentioned earlier that the Trumps are spend-thrifts. So, the East Wing isn’t the only place where staff cuts are saving taxpayers millions. As we learned a while back, President Trump trimmed the White House staff as well.

When the White House personnel report was released in June, Forbes reported 110 fewer employees under Donald Trump than Barack Obama and said the projected four-year savings resulting from the cuts could be more than $22 million.

Budget cuts, staff cuts, and more coming. That’s leadership.

Keep in mind that the Trumps know how to live magnificently. Their standard of living lowered when they moved into the White House. But they understand their duty to the citizens. It’s beyond refreshing to watch the Trumps undo the Obamas’ legacy of gluttony.



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