Michael Moore’s anti-Trump Play SHUT DOWN

Michael Moore’s anti-Trump Play SHUT DOWN

Michael Moore tried making a Broadway show about the election of President Trump.

For Moore, the election of Donald Trump represented a crisis. And he couldn’t let the crisis go to waste.

So he created, “The Terms of My Surrender,” in hopes of pulling a Hamilton. Too bad Moore isn’t black, and can pull the race card to guilt white Leftists into spending big dollars for Leftist theater drivel.

According to IJR,

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s latest show on Broadway, “The Terms of My Surrender,” shut down after ticket sales started to fall shortly after it premiered. The show mainly focused on Moore bashing President Donald Trump and praising his own work as a progressive political activist.

Trump has now given his thoughts on the show, which closed after running for only 13 weeks — the full term of its planned limited engagement — and failed to gain the following Moore had hoped.

In a tweet Saturday evening, despite admitting that the following criticism was “not at all presidential,” he called Moore’s play a “TOTAL BOMB”:


Moore’s account of what he wanted to accomplish with “Terms” differs from what the president tweeted. However the show was far from being a success.

Moore’s show began performances July 28 at the Belasco Theatre, where it opened officially August 10. As a precaution, Moore declared in May—when the show was announced—that “Terms” would play a 12-week limited engagement.

The show finished the run. But as indicated, the show was far from a success. As one publication sympathetic to Moore most kindly put it:

While the show was not a box-office front-runner (grossing less than half of its potential most weeks and drawing in a capacity hovering in the mid-70 percentile), it did play its fully scheduled run.

Moore tried to spin the results:

So “Terms” has left New York and the glitz of “Off Off Broadway”. However, Moore says he will take the show on the road for a tour in the summer of 2018.

Throngs of theater-goers will again sit this one out. If Moore can’t make his show a success in New York, he knows it will flop elsewhere. You hearing any buzz about the play?

The “review” in Variety–if you can call what they wrote a review–had all of 4 comments.

The LA Times opined:

But the Trump harangue (which was really more of a rambling explanation for the Trump phenomenon) quickly morphed into a kind of support group for disheartened Democrats, whom Moore proposed should start a 12-step group. He was here to inspire action rather than to indict arrogant ignorance.


Every story ends in the glorification of Michael Moore. The lesson he wants us to take home is a noble one: Innocent idealism can only prevail if it holds to what is true and doesn’t succumb to despair. But these plucky narratives, largely recycled from his writings and talks, have the monotonous ring of an infomercial for his brand.

I have no political beef with Moore. I have long admired the way he has fought on behalf of working people. But I found myself cringing at the self-congratulatory applause that would break out when he would utter one of his pieties. And I lost patience with the way he seemed to want both sympathy for being a victim of the right and adulation for being the champion of all mankind.

Huffington Post provided as soft a blow as they could in announcing that the play sucked:

Now, precisely how you’re likely to feel about The Terms of My Surrender kind of depends, as they say. Which takes us back to knowing thine audience. Moore starts his entertainment with one of the more memorable opening lines in the dramatic literature: “How the f*** did this happen?!?” And on he goes from there. He quickly establishes—through an unofficial count of hands—just how many of the thousand souls in what is likely to remain the sold-to-the-Tiffany-lamped-rafters Belasco are Trump voters. Six, at the performance I attended; although one wonders just how many Trump voters are likely to raise their hand in a houseful of what can only be described as educated, well-mannered, rabid non-Trump voters.

Here is a link to a list of other reviews. Trump me, they don’t get any kinder than the ones I posted.

And it what is sure to garner a few laughs from anybody who actually paid the $149 to see Moore’s latest lament, Playbill reports he wants to eventually return to its original place.

“Broadway remains a powerful hub of American popular culture and I plan on being back — with both a new play and a new one-man show — soon,” he said.

How fitting for me to say, “Fat chance, Michael Moore!”


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