Gun-Control NUTS Threaten Lives of Children Ages 4 and 1 [VIDEO]

Gun-Control NUTS Threaten Lives of Children Ages 4 and 1 [VIDEO]

When gun control advocates don’t get their way, what do they do? Threaten to kill the opposition! More on this in a bit.

It’s bad enough that our nation just suffered one of the biggest tragedies in history. However, it’s even worse that leftists use this as an excuse to further their failing platform. Before the survivors were even cleared from the scene, Crooked Hillary started her Twitter tirade.

Within seconds, citizens jumped to point out the obvious. A silencer wouldn’t have prevented a single death. Hillary Clinton is too attached to Hollywood, and believes the movie version of silence. For those in the know, silencers aren’t silent.

In addition, many gun enthusiasts have the knowledge to make their own silencers. Simply put, there is no way to legislate ourselves out of this situation. But don’t expect Hillary Clinton to actual fact-check.

As the story broke, we brought you the news of one teacher who wished death upon the so-called “Trumptards” at the music festival. Just a few hours later, news broke of a CBS executive who felt no sympathy for the “gun toting Republicans” who are the typical country music fans. While the loving and tolerant left reared it’s ugly head, most of the country stood back in disbelief. Many Americans were asking themselves: “Since when are politics more important than people?”

Leftists didn’t miss a beat.

While Nevada officials and law enforcement members are still dissecting these events, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt appeared on Fox News to express his disbelief. His wife and two daughters, ages 4 and 1, now receive death threats following the massacre.

Neil Cavuto: It doesn’t appear a background check would have prevented him from getting any of the guns he did, right?

Adam Laxalt: You know Neil I’ve been down on the scene with the sheriff and the head of the FBI since one o’clock on Monday and we’re working around the clock to try to deal with one of the most horrific tragedies our state has ever faced. And to have the Question One advocates somehow try to push this on me when it’s crystal clear background checks were performed and would not have prevented this is absolutely appalling and led to a death threat on my wife and my four-year-old and one-year-old girls.


Looney Leftist Logic

In June, Congressman Steve Scalise was shot down at practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. He spent weeks in critical condition and months rehabilitating. Within hours, Governor Terry McAuliffe was on TV calling for more gun control. Of course, he wasn’t the victim of the horrendous shooting that turned out to be fueled by Leftism.

Now, Steve Scalise is back to work and remains a proponent of the 2nd Amendment. And you can bet that if he had to relive the day he was shot, he remember to bring a weapon.

Right now, Leftists use the Vegas massacre as an excuse to bring up their same old arguments, but here’s the problem: EVIL can’t be OUTLAWED

My grandpa used to say that a lock will keep an honest man out, but a thief won’t be deterred. The same is true with crime. If we outlaw bump stocks, they’ll still be sold on the black market. They can be fashioned by hand or fabricated with 3D printers. The only people who will stop buying them are the law-abiding citizens.

Obviously, background checks are helpful, but they don’t stop every deranged lunatic, and Stephen Padduck is the perfect example of that. Authorities say he acquired his arsenal of weapons legally. His background was clean.

Recently, CNN even suggested that the owner of the gun store should have asked Paddock why he was buying more guns. This one is especially comical in my opinion. Can you imagine the conversation?

“Excuse me sir, but why are you buying these guns?”

“I’ve come up with a sinister plan to commit mass murder in Las Vegas at a country concert.”

We all know criminals don’t value truth. But Nancy Sinatra has a solution. Shoot all members of the NRA.

 Guns are not evil. Guns are a tool.

They can be used for good. They can be used for bad. The same is true of a hammer, a baseball bat, or even a toothpick. Should the House introduce a bill limiting the supply of those? The truly ironic part of this is that leftists don’t want to keep out terrorists, but they want control over all the guns. Last I checked, evil didn’t live in the hearts of inanimate objects. Evil lives in the hearts of people. And those kind of people don’t obey the law.






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