NFL Looking to Replace Roger Goodell? [VIDEO]

NFL Looking to Replace Roger Goodell? [VIDEO]

Roger Goodell is the Obamacare of the NFL. I would not be surprised if Roger Goodell is unemployed soon. Repeal and replace.

A good question might be, “What’s taking the league so long?”

For a guy who’s made over $142 million since taking the helm, his performance sucks. To put his income in perspective, know that Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady made less than HALF what Goodell has made in the same amount of time. Who do you think draws more fans to the game?

So the question begs, “Is a leadership shake-up in the NFL on the horizon?” According to ESPN, a meeting to discuss player protests, the national anthem, etc did happen:”

Commissioner Roger Goodell, several prominent NFL owners and a handful of players were among the 20 to 30 people at a meeting Tuesday night in New York to discuss players kneeling during the national anthem and other relevant subjects facing the league.

The meeting focused on what the league was going to do moving forward and how to approach player protests, according to New York Giants linebacker and defensive captain Jonathan Casillas, who attended the gathering in Manhattan.

It came after a weekend in which players knelt or locked arms — some didn’t even come out of the locker room — during the anthem. The strong display was in large part a response to President Donald Trump’s recent comments about the league and players who didn’t stand for the anthem.

“You got to see opinions from the owners and from the players as well,” Casillas said. “Stuff like that is very good, very proactive. Thank Trump for saying what he said because without him saying that, (1) the whole league wouldn’t have been so collectively together, (2) we would’ve never had a meeting.”

I’m not sure who called the meeting, but my bet is, the owners.

As we’ve written, the NFL faces serious backlash in ratings, revenue, and perception. The last part may be the worst, as perception is branding. And undoubtedly the NFL brand is tarnished.

Players created a firestorm of controversy by kneeling. And although there was never a plurality, kneeling exposed a bigger societal cancer that Obama allowed to fester: anti-Americanism.

When Goodell awkwardly addressed issues like spousal abuse and other domestic violence, the league weathered the storm. However, disrespect of the nation, by way of the national anthem simply won’t be tolerated. Thus, thousand of fans turned off the game, and Roger Goodell’s future may be in question.

Radio talk show host Dom Giordano said Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that NFL owners are “doing various things behind the scenes to pull this in.”

Leftists pretend that President Trump is losing on this issue. That of course means he’s winning.

At Thursday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, no players took a knee. According to Giordani, Goodell may have gotten the message that the league should be a place that has “respect for traditional values.”

Know anybody else who echoes that message?

Host Lou Dobbs noted that NFL owners have yet to sign a new contract with Goodell, before blasting the commissioner.

“They have a chance to take this loser and get him the hell out of their business, because he damn near ruined their business, substantially, absolutely and completely over the past three weeks,” Dobbs said.

You can bet these billionaire businessmen won’t allow Goodell to take their franchises or the league much further down the rabbit hole.

America can thank President Trump for doing what billionaire Donald Trump did prior to election. Trump doesn’t avoid the pink elephant in the room, he mounts it and rides it.


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