NFL Owner in trouble for saying supposedly RACIST statement

NFL Owner in trouble for saying supposedly RACIST statement

Racism has reared its ugly head again.

Leftist took offense to one of the owners saying, “the inmates are running the asylum”.

Per aol,

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair used a poor choice of words at a recent NFL owners that now has him facing criticism.

According to ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. and Seth Wickersham, NFL owners recently met to discuss how to move on from national anthem protests.

After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave a passionate speech about the need to make players stand for the national anthem, McNair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

According to ESPN, the statement “stunned” some people in the room.

Only a fool misinterprets the meaning of this saying.

The saying “the inmates are running the asylum” means chaos, just like having the animals run the zoo. The saying is used in government, the military, education, sports, entertainment and business.

The earliest citations of the idiom appear to come from Hollywood. “Filmtown has been described as a place where the inmates run the asylum” was cited in print in 1960. “We’ve let the inmates run the asylum and they’ve practically destroyed it (Hollywood’s star system—ed.)” was cited in 1962.

Another reference comes from 24 June 1960, Ames (IA) Daily Tribune, pg. 5, col. 4: Red Skelton Purchases Charlie Chaplin Studio
By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Filmtown has been described as a place where the inmates run the asylum.

One inmate, Red Skelton, will soon be running his own little asylum—the first comedian since Charlie Chaplin to boast his own movie factory.

And this saying is used in MANY other places. For goodness sake, a Congress is a group of baboons, and ours is mostly white.

If McNair had used this term in anything other than the NFL which employs mostly blacks, he would be off the hook.

On behalf of multi-millionaire black football players, their billionaire employers were reportedly “stunned”. At what?

That McNair would dare question why the NFL and owners allow spoiled black babies to ruin their businesses?

The idea that these idiot politically correct billionaires would not see the racism in their “stunness”?

Any owner who was stunned by McNair is the true racist.

McNair did nothing wrong. He used a saying to explain that employees don’t decide what corporations do, the owner does. He wasn’t calling his employees “inmates”, as the “stunned” owners suggested.

So why were some of the owners so sensitive to the comment? Because they believe they employ inmates.

As we explained a while back, thugs come in all walks of life:

I’m rarely surprised when Conservatives are indignant about a wrong, like Ray Rice hitting his wife, and rightfully so. It’s what they do afterwards that bothers me.

Conservatives are PERFECT! That’s what the Left believes, and we are quick to accommodate their thinking. That’s way we never win.

Adrian Peterson spanked his kid too hard, and Rice hit his wife. Lord knows nothing like that has ever happened by Conservatives, right?

So let’s all admit that we are all human and fall short of the glory of God, and thus are all fallible. Should you lose your livelihood?

Sports figures must be drug-free or lose their jobs, while in the “real world,” the Left legalizes marijuana, and most of know people who do worse drugs than that and work. I’m starting a petition that Robert Downey, Jr and Lindsay Lohan NEVER WORK AGAIN!

You think Michael Vick is the only black dude fighting dogs? Negro please!

Black people may be well-represented in prison populations, but the prisons have all races and colors. So to imply that the NFL players are inmates is ridiculous. Without the NFL many of these young men might very well be in prison. So for that, they should be thanking McNair.

But they won’t.

The NFL and the “kneelers” look for lifelines, as their industry goes down the drain. The impact won’t be felt immediately, however the cumulative effect is coming.





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