Noose just tightened around Obama’s BONEY NECK

Noose just tightened around Obama’s BONEY NECK

The Left who orchestrated a fictitious crime against President Trump ensnared their own.

Now the noose tightens around the Clintons’ and Obama’s boney necks.

As Fox News reports,

The Justice Department said Wednesday night that it had lifted a gag order on a former FBI informant involved in a high-profile Russia bribery case, clearing the individual to speak to Congress about Moscow’s Obama-era uranium deals in the U.S. market and other schemes.

In a statement, the department said it had authorized the informant to speak to the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Oversight Committee, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, in addition to select staffers.

The department said the informant could provide “any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption or bribery involving transactions in the uranium market,” including Russian company Rosatom, subsidiary Tenex, Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation.

The Left never expected to answer for this crime.

They figured things would go exactly as all the other scandals have gone, which is nowhere. They expected Hillary Clinton to have her big white buttocks firmly planted in the chair in the Oval Office.

As a precaution, the Obama administration planted gatekeepers at every turn. Mostly they relied on crooked Comey to do their dirty work, and he happily obliged. But they filled the FBI with complicit bureaucrats willing to serve Comey.

The election of Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench in the works, as Comey could no longer provide cover. But Obama did what he could by leaving a few “poison pills” rooted. Congress did their part by “slow walking” nominations. The Obama holdovers in place, the Left added one other insurance policy: Robert Mueller

The Left touted Mueller as the epitome of justice, fair to all. In fact, he’s anything but. Mueller is a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist loyal to the Democrats. Everybody knew this, including President Trump.

Mueller proved to be biased, hiring nothing but Hillary Clinton sycophants. He and his merry band of liars and scoundrels set off to convict an innocent man, chasing everything but the obvious. The Right questioned the logic of President Trump for the most part ignoring Mueller and his stacked-deck of Leftist lackeys.

Sly like a fox: Trump sets a trap

Now the Left find themselves exactly where President Trump put them: between a rock and a hard place.

After all the digging, the Left dug themselves a deep pit. Some might say they dug their own graves. Mueller is now implicated in the deal that gave 20 percent of America’s uranium resources to Russia, and more specifically Dr. Evil.

The man who brokered the deal, Paul Manafort did so under the employ of The Podesta Group. And the more we learn of that group, the more they appear to be a satellite of The Clinton Foundation, the family RICO of the Clintons. As even the fake news media tastes blood in the water, they too will follow the money: $145 million from Uranium One and various Russians paid to the Clinton Mafia.

Unlike the other scandals where Obama stood in the shadows, he can’t get his head out of the noose on this one. All roads lead back to Obama’s White House, and the dominoes will soon begin to fall.

What happened to the quest for truth of Russian involvement?

With Fusion GPS refusing to turn over evidence of who paid for the false “dossier” on Trump, et al, the Left will find it difficult to pretend to want to “get to the bottom of this”. Indications are that the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and Obama’s FBI all had a hand in promoting the fake dossier as gospel. Add a complicit “fake new” media, and this makes the trifecta look like hitting the jackpot on a penny slot.

In one fell swoop, President Trump’s justice department may drain the swamp of multiple Democrats, including the former president. Also, he will crush the DNC, and continue to bludgeon the fake news media.

Conservatives will soon have “watch parties” as the guilty parade in front of Congress in an attempt to save their hides.

The spectacle before Congress will make the McCarthy hearings look like a parent-teacher conference at a “white” school.

Blood will soon fill the streets of DC. You will hear the Congressional Black Caucus accuse the Republicans of racism. But their lies will fall on deaf ears, as the nation will have seen all they need to see. Even some black Leftists will turn on Obama, as the curtain is pulled back on his real dealings.

Hillary Clinton will cry sexism. And like the dog-whistle of racism, nobody will give credence to her tales of woe. Finally, women and all of America will see Hillary Clinton for what she really is. The head of a crime syndicate.

Many Americans wait to see Obama make the perp walk. And what of Holder? Susan Rice?

By the end of this investigation, half of Obama’s administration could be behind bars.



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