BREAKING: Obama Campaign Funded Fusion GPS Study [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Obama Campaign Funded Fusion GPS Study [VIDEO]

Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over the Fusion GPS dossier.

Recall that Obama set up Organizing for Action in order to maintain his political power post-election. Well, during the election, the group was more active than ever.

And according to the Washington Post,  the international law firm, Perkins Coie was directed by both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to retain Fusion GPS in April of 2016 to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump. Fusion GPS then hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to compile a dossier of allegations that Trump and his campaign actively colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election.

Many of the claims in the dossier have been directly refuted, and none of the dossier’s allegations of collusion have been independently verified. Because of this, lawyers for Steele admitted in court filings last April that his work was never meant to be made public.

We’ve discovered that OFA, Obama’s official campaign arm in 2016, paid nearly $800,000 to Perkins Coie in 2016, according to FEC records. Note the timelines, as they correspond with the dates the Clinton campaign retained Fusion GPS.

The first 2016 payments to Perkins Coie, classified only as “Legal Services,” were made April 25-26, 2016, and totaled $98,047. A second batch of payments, also classified as “Legal Services,” were disbursed to the law firm on September 29, 2016, and totaled exactly $700,000. Payments from OFA to Perkins Coie in 2017 totaled $174,725 through August 22, 2017.

And then there is another connection.

FEC records as well as federal court records show that Marc Elias, the Perkins Coie lawyer previously served as a counsel for OFA. Specifically, in Shamblin v. Obama for America, a 2013 case in federal court in Florida, federal court records list Elias as simultaneously serving as lead attorney for both OFA and the DNC.

So when Obama made his late night comedy declaration that Trump would never be president, he had done all he could to make sure that didn’t happen:

Something tells me that Obama might not be so smug these days.

However, if Clinton had won, OFA would have supposedly been decommissioned. However, due to a Trump victory, the group reassembled.

After a long period of withdrawal from the public eye, Organizing for Action, the political group that grew out of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, is ramping back up for the Trump era with a focus on defending the Affordable Care Act and training grassroots organizers, officials tell NBC News.

Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, OFA was likely headed for a wind-down. But with Trump in the White House, the relaunched OFA will claim a spot in the increasingly crowded marketplace of groups looking to fight the new president’s agenda.

This group has been wholly ineffective, as President Trump steamrolls the Obama agenda and legacy.

And the worst is about to happen for the people involved in all of Obama’s scandals.

TBS wrote of Obama’s delusion involving his scandals:

Obama’s delusion has become pathological.

While in Peru on his final trip as President of the United States, Obama actually said that he was proud that his administration remained scandal-free. He then knocked on wood, saying “I still have two months to go.”

As the Free Beacon reported,

President Obama claimed there had been no “major scandal” in his administration during a Democratic fundraiser Sunday night in San Diego.

Obama made the comment while railing against Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee who once called him “one of the most corrupt presidents” in modern history.

“Here’s a guy who called my administration perhaps the most corrupt in history–despite the fact that actually we have not had a major scandal in my administration–that, when Trump was suggesting that I wasn’t even born here, said, well, I don’t know, was not sure,” Obama said, according to Politico Playbook. “This guy has spent all his time simply trying to obstruct, to feed the same sentiments that resulted in Donald Trump becoming their nominee.”

The attacks came quickly, as people questioned Obama’s state of mind to suggest such his administration is scandal-free.

Here is a partial list of scandals. I will leave you to judge for yourself what rises to the level of “scandal” in your lexicon.

The Obama administration has been immersed in scandals and sub-scandals since slightly before day one of his presidency. Some of the major scandals can be found here:

Obama’s highly suspicious biographyforged birth certificate,  and fraudulent Social Security number
Fast and Furious
Paying ransom to Iran
Gun control
Domestic surveillance
Unemployment numbers and job creation lies
Obamacare lies
Taxes and spending lies
Energy production lies
Immigration and border security lies
Lies about everything else lies
Intentionally weakening the American economy
Intentionally weakening America’s defenses
Using the IRS as a weapon
Using the EPA as a weapon
Use of the NLRB as a weapon
The use of the Fish and Wildlife department as a weapon
The heavily politicized Department of Justice
The VA hospitals
Lois Lerner’s conveniently deleted emails
Wholesale amnesty by executive fiat
Acting like a Marxist dictator
Changing the Obamacare law day by day
and a number of miscellaneous scandals.

Please note that this list does not include former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s numerous scandals, many of which implicate Barack Obama and/or his administration. Because, if I included Clinton’s scandals on this list, you would be forced to scroll down the page so far you’d think you were reading the Obamacare regulations.

Finally, Leftist America will get to see that their emperor had no clothes.

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