Obama Legacy Drives Multi-Millionaire Government Bureaucrat to KILL

Obama Legacy Drives Multi-Millionaire Government Bureaucrats to KILL

I bet most of America was surprised to learn that Stephen Paddock was a multi-millionaire. I certainly was.

What did the biggest mass shooter in American history do prior to exposing crazy Leftist views?

Paddock’s work history is unclear. His brother has described him as a wealthy retiree. The Office of Personnel Management confirmed that Paddock worked for the federal government for roughly 10 years, from 1975 to 1985.

We also learned by other means that Paddock worked as a letter carrier for the Postal Service in the mid 1970s. He then worked for the Internal Revenue Service as an agent from 1978 to 1984.

Next, he worked as an auditor focused on defense contracts, a job he held until 1985. Finally, he worked in the 1980s for one of the companies that later combined to form Lockheed Martin, the aerospace contractor.

So, in this series of mostly government or government-related jobs, Paddock was able to amass millions.

With all that money, the man was not happy. Paddock certainly proved the government’s notion that anything over $70,000 won’t bring you happiness, huh?

What’s more interesting is that Paddock isn’t some Hollyweirdo or entertainer who caught lightning in a bottle and got rich through a hit sitcom or singing some pop song drivel. He appears to be the “ordinary Joe” who simply did right by his money.

The man had the means to live where he wanted and to do practically anything he wanted. Yet, he was obviously disgruntled…

What would it take to drive a multi-millionaire who worked for the Fed to commit the Vegas massacre? The answer is simply: Leftism.

I like how the NY Times describes Paddock’s behavior:

Mr. Paddock checked in on Thursday and kept the “Do Not Disturb” sign on his door for the next three days, so no maids entered the rooms, according to a hotel worker, who also was not authorized to discuss the matter. Housekeepers are allowed to enter a room with such a sign only in the presence of a security guard, and it happens rarely, usually after several days, the worker said.

The hotel staff is trained to look for anything suspicious, but the gunman’s behavior did not set off any alarms, the employee said. He had at least 10 suitcases in his room, the sheriff had said, which might have been used to bring the guns in without notice. But the hotel worker said it would have been easy to bring them to the room a few at a time without arousing suspicion.

So none of this is suspicious?

Unless the dude was on his honeymoon, “Do Not Disturb” for three days would have raised a red flag for me personally. So much for the “trained hotel staff” theory.

And 10 suitcases? Holy Mother of Liberaci, that’s a lot of suitcases!

Who did this guy think he was…Mariah Carey?!

I’m not sure what hotel security was doing as this guy made multiple trips to his vehicle to bring in enough ammo to fight a small war? And here I thought casinos had facial recognition software that would flag just about anything. Apparently facial recognition software has been thwarted by killer Leftists!

Speculation will continue for some time as to why this tragedy happened. I saw a story where they say that Paddock may have been planning this attack for 20 years.

Sounds like this man had a beef with the government.

Based on that idea, that would put Paddock’s beef around the time of Clinton? One thing that does puzzle me is that he didn’t attack during Obama’s term. After all, Obama ushered in the Era of Mass Shootings.

There have been 16 mass shootings since Obama became president. Perhaps Obama is the reason behind the epidemic of mass shootings.

We know that suicides are at an all-time high during the reign of the boy who would be king. The anti-war, anti-military, purveyor of hope has ushered in an Era of Hopelessness.

If you live in an urban indoctrination center, then you live in a war zone.

Oh sure, “white” neighborhoods feel exempted, however they are surrounded by insurgents. These insurgents commit mass murder every day, but there is no discussion of this, since it is liberals like Obama who cause this “homeplace violence.”

A list of the 15 American mass shootings since 2009 according to this report:

That was through Sept 2013. The numbers for Obama got far worse. Check that out for yourself.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to mass shootings, President Trump inherited Obama’s mess. He now must deal with two sick groups: radical Muslims and radical Leftists. Most people agree, there is no need to put radical in front of either to describe their evil.

The real question is how many other Leftist kooks lurk in the shadows?





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