Playboy Showcase First TRANSGENDER Playmate

In case you’re wondering the impact of Leftism on America, Playboy just announced its first transgender playmate.

As Maury might say: “Obama, you ARE the father!”

For those wondering the impact of leadership on a country, look no further than the policies of Obama. He put America so far “forward”, that trans-sexuals no longer knew what bathroom to use.

Look, I’m all for equality, and that shouldn’t be based on sexuality. But for Playboy to succumb to this flavor of “progressivism” is anything but progressive.

As Breitbart reports:

Playboy Magazine announced its November issue will feature the magazine’s first transgender Playmate: French model Ines Rau.

“It’s how I celebrated my coming out, actually,” the model said in a Playboy announcement. “I took that chance, and then I signed with an agency.

Can we men not have any dang thing? For decades Playboy was a magazine for the playboy. Not playgirl, not play transsexual…playBOY

I’m sure Lesbians secretly pleasured themselves with the “Where in the hell did my Playboy disappear to!” from time to time. But LGBTQ notwithstanding, Playboy was for the boys.

Breitbart continues:

The move from Playboy comes just weeks after the death of the magazine’s founder, Hugh Hefner. The media icon died on September 27. The November issue pays tribute to Hefner on the magazine’s cover.

At least Playboy had the decency to let Hugh Hefner die, before this issue came out–pardon the pun. As much as Hefner was avant garde when it came to sex, this might have killed him.

Rau stated:

“I always knew from within, when I was a little kid in my room in the ghetto, that a beautiful destiny was waiting for me…I don’t know how to explain it. A little voice was telling me, ‘You’ll see. Patience.’ ”

Patience for what? For a dude to become a woman in order to objectify herself?

This is what the feminist movement fought for? For men to become women and objectify them? I’m sure feminist will figure out how to blame men for this.

It should come as no surprise to learn that Rau said,

“I will always fight for LGBTQ rights and women’s rights, but above everything else, my cause is the environment. Nothing touches me more than fighting against global warming. I was made to fight for the planet—the forest, the animals, the air. If I get famous, that’s my first battle.”

I see a sex tape in Rau’s future. His likely partner will be a woman-turn-man transsexual.

Hell, why not make it a movie directed by Kim Kardashian?

The real irony comes from the notion that Rau is more woman than 99.999 percent of the feminists who created her. Strangely, men still win in the end, when you consider that fact.

Admittedly, one of my secret shames is the Maury show where the audience must guess the gender of the person. I have yet to see one of these shows showcase men. But even if they do, I have yet to see a transsexual man come close to the wow-factor I’ve seen when men become women.


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