Polling Woes for Democrats: Trump Supporters Still FOOLING Leftists

Polling Woes for Democrats: Trump Supporters Still FOOLING Leftists

The Democrats love to do their weighted polls, even if the results don’t reflect the real truth.

Despite the flawed polling data that had Hillary Clinton as president versus hocking books at Costco, Democrats still use polls to put salve on their extensive wounds.

Poll after poll shows President Trump as unfit, unpopular, or unworthy. Yet, America booms. Try to imagine if Obama were president and he had the stats of President Trump?

In what must shock and vex the Left, a recent report at Politico show the President’s approval went up. They actually posted that fact in the LAST paragraph of the article.

The poll also shows a slight uptick in Trump’s approval rating: 45 percent approve of the president’s job performance, up from 43 percent last week. The percentage of voters who disapprove ticked down from 54 percent last week to 52 percent in the new survey.

Approval up, disapproval down. News at the bottom of the article.

There’s a reason President Trump’s numbers are rising. According to CNN:

It’s hard to find fault with the latest jobs numbers. The unemployment rate is 4.3%, a 16-year low. The economy has added more than 1 million jobs since Trump took office.

Keep in mind that President Trump’s numbers are with people actually LOOKING for jobs. Obama dropped the unemployment rate by presiding over the largest number of unemployed Americans in history, as he relied on those who quit looking for jobs to bolster his numbers. In the Era of Trump, people no longer languish, as real jobs are available.

Next CNN reports on wages. And again the outlook remains good, despite their wording:

On the other hand, wage growth has yet to really pick up. Employers still don’t feel pressure to offer big salaries to attract the workers they need. Average hourly earnings have increased only 2.5% over the past 12 months. The Federal Reserve would rather see 3% to 3.5%.

See how CNN explained it:

Do you want the bad news or the worse news?

The bad news is wages picked up. The worse news is the Fed expected just a tad more.

Check out this chart from NPR on wage growth during the Era of O.

Spot any wage growth over the life of Obama’s reign?

Wages dropped overall while Obama was president. And note the title: Wage Growth is Inching Upward.

Certainly wage growth “inched” at the end of Obama’s presidency, as there were so many people unemployed, growth was forced to “inch” up.

Check out home prices under President Trump:

As CNN reports,

The average price for an existing home in June was a record $263,800, or 6.5% higher than a year ago. June was the 64th consecutive month of gains compared with a year earlier.

6.5 percent is no small amount, and the Trump Effect has barely kicked in.

One of President Trump’s big campaign issues centered around trade. Let’s look at the numbers, per CNN:

The trade deficit fell slightly in June from three months ago, to $43.6 billion. That’s the lowest since just before the election.

America’s suddenly vibrant oil industry is a big reason the balance is shifting. Thanks to technologies like fracking, the United States exported more crude in June and imported less.

Exports to Canada and Mexico rose in June, too, a possible sign that Trump’s tough talk is working with America’s two big North American trading partners.

Although trade with China ticked upward, the recent deal on coal and beef exports has yet to reflect. And despite that, our overall trade deficit continues to drop.

So with all this good news, why the long faces, Pollsters? Perhaps here’s the answer.

The maligned polling industry is running into a new problem after blowing the 2016 presidential election: President Trump’s supporters are keeping their feelings to themselves.

At Rasmussen Reports, which was the most accurate 2016 pollster, questions on Trump often see a spike in those who check “don’t know.”

Francis Coombs, Rasmussen managing editor, said, “In most surveys, you generally get 4 or 5 percent who say they are undecided, but if you ask about a controversial issue, particularly one involving Trump, that figure often jumps to the high teens — 17 percent or 18 percent. That tells me that a lot of those people agree with the president but just aren’t going to say it out loud.”

Check out Pelosi discussing the polling numbers.

She reveals why she thinks the Democrats stand a good chance of putting the gavel back in her hand.

Keep in mind the Democrats have a new message. “Better!” Heard anybody talking about it?

The newer message was suddenly to work with the president.

If Trumpsters learned anything over the past, it’s to keep our mouths shut. It’s actually fun watching Leftists celebrate their fake news polls, then getting the surprise of their lives.


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