RACISM: NFL Ratings Blamed on Inferior Product

RACISM: NFL Ratings Blamed on Inferior Product

Remember when professional football was fun?

At one point, the NFL offered a good product. The men played the sport because they loved it. Many of them didn’t even make a living at the game, and returned to “real jobs” in the off-season.

As my coach said when I complained at football practice,

“Shut up, Turd! When I played when we left the field we folded up our helmets and stuck ’em in our back pockets.”

Who can argue with that? The professional athletes of today, that’s who, Silly!

Today’s athletes work for FAR more than their predecessors and have far more protection from injury. In comparison to yesteryear, the sport resembles ballet.

Add to this the blatant disrespect of the leagues’ black players, and the NFL wonders why it loses attendance almost weekly?

According to CBS,

Any camera angle that panned across the upper deck in any number of stadiums Sunday confirmed that fact. The issues with ratings are well-documented. It has become convenient to blame that phenomenon, at least in part, on the ongoing issues of player demonstrations but now, nearly a season-and-a-half since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee, I’m not buying it. There’s some protesting going on, without a doubt, but it’s fans protesting the product being put on the field, I believe, more than any pronounced reaction to a handful of players displaying their Constitutional rights before kickoff.

This downturn in the number of eyeballs watching closely every Sunday and Monday and Thursday is more directly related, in my opinion, to the fact that the number of quarterbacks you would pay big bucks to see in a game with no rooting interest seems to be shrinking by the week. It’s a byproduct of the number of teams who fail to play anything close to attractive football, and who haven’t found or developed a skill player who would garner a second look. It’s a factor of yet another weekend when injuries ravaged the already-depleted QB position, and America was treated to the likes of guys like Matt MooreDrew Stanton and Cody Kessler playing in games that count in the standings, to go with the likes of Brett Hundley and Case Keenumand Mitchell Trubisky and C.J. Beathard who have already been thrust into action due to injury or the ineffectiveness of others.

Just so we are clear, the writer blames the NFL’s product. I find this interesting, given what the product of the NFL is.

However, before I explain the product, read further from the article:

The NFL has altered the rules and tilted the field for the offense over the past few decades. There’s nothing more it can do to subsidize scoring. Problem is, the way some of these teams have been constructed and coached, it really doesn’t matter. Far too many teams and far too many quarterbacks are simply too hard to watch — or at least watch regularly — and it says here that has more to do with the sustained ratings dip than people boycotting because of anthem demonstrations or anything else.

So if the writer (wrongly) absolves blacks players who kneel from impacting the ratings, the only thing left to blame is the product.

The product of football is its players providing a service. Given the product of the NFL is 70 percent black, the writer blames black employees. Sure, the writer blames specific quarterbacks who are not black. But the the product remains mostly black players.

If you think the demise of the NFL and the proliferation of social engineering and political correctness is a coincidence, then you’re likely a Leftist. Black players are a product of their environments and their politics. These high-paid employees bring all the problems that America faces. So it was only a matter of time for these thugletes to rebel.

So yes, the product of the NFL sucks. And the games are no fun to watch. Sadly, the sports shows offer no relief either, as we have seen these shows become more politics than sports.

When the owners realize that they now have a defective product, maybe they can win America back. Until that happens, they can blame falling numbers on whatever they wish. Because it won’t matter.




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