Conservative Banned from Twitter for Life?

Conservative Banned from Twitter for Life?

Leftists are incredible. They create something for free speech then promptly ban free speech.

I’ve recently come off a 10-day ban on Twitter for asking Ashley Judd and Hillary Clinton if the Left have a term “Uncle Tom” for feminist sellouts.

I’d love to see how Twitter determined what my punishment should be for asking a simple question of two feminist.

Yet Keith Olbermann can post expletive filled rants of a madman, and Twitter does nothing. Check out these jewels:

Olbermann should be arrested and put in the hospital for the criminally insane. Yet this fool to my knowledge has NEVER had his Twitter account suspended.

Twitter, care to comment?

Compare Olbermann to Roger Stone who was recently BANNED for life.

Roger Stone is a longtime ally of President Trump, His Twitter account was suspended Saturday for violating Twitter’s rules of engagement. Below are a few of his tweets:

“Breaking: Mueller indicts PaulManafort‘s driver for double parking,” Stone posted.

“@donlemon stop lying about about the Clinton’s and Uranium you ignorant lying covksucker !!!! You fake news you dumb piece of s**t.” He also called some CNN personalities “human excrement.”

Stone then went after Bill Kristol, the rabid anti-Trump founder and editor at large of The Weekly Standard.

“Bill Kristol packing on the pounds #porky #Warmonger”

Again, I dare you to compare this to what Keith Olbermann did then explain the ban for life?

To add insult to injury, look at what Olbermann tweeted.

I Googled to find out if Olbermann had been suspended from Twitter ever, and {crickets}.

The only solace was learning that Olbermann got suspended from ESPN in 2015 for his tweets about Penn State.

Slate reported at the time:

Keith Olbermann makes no secret of the disgust he harbors for Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal; in January, he declared the NCAA and PSU “the worst in sports.” His well-documented disdain for the institution is probably what inspired a Penn Stater to mention him Sunday in a proud tweet about the 2015 Penn State Dance Marathon, an annual fundraiser (known on campus as THON) that raises money for children with cancer.

And in response to the school raising over $13 million to fight cancer, Olbermann couldn’t control himself.

Keith Olbermann is pitiful, and he now has the career to prove it.

And Twitter is equally pitiful. It’s way past time for the Fed to involve itself in social media. Our pages belong to us. These corporations profit from our efforts, and then regulate free speech. Enough is enough!


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