ANTIFA: South Side of Chicago INVITES your Protest

ANTIFA: South Side of Chicago INVITES your Protest

The far left group known as Antifa portrays itself as a social justice movement fighting against Fascism. Well there is plenty of Fascism in the hoo.

Let’s see how blacks on the South Side of Chicago take it when militant protesters riot, damage property, and try physical violence.

You can bet Antifa will be nowhere near any place their group doesn’t have the numbers or could possibly be confronted with violence themselves.

Antifa plays it safe. Protest at Berkeley or some upscale area of a city, where the groups they wish to protest play by the rules. But ask these freaks to ship up to where the social change is really needed, and you get a ghost town.

Chicago could certainly use the help.

After all, isn’t the Windy City where police assault black in record numbers? According to a recent report by CBS Chicago several individuals were killed or wounded, so surely somebody was aggrieved by “the man”:

“Eight individuals were killed and 11 wounded during weekend violence in gun-controlled Chicago.

One of the deceased was a 64-year-old woman who was struck by a stray bullet “in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side.” She was hit around 6:30 pm Friday. The woman–Cynthia Trevillion–was as math teacher at Chicago Waldorf School.

Trevillion was one of three people killed during a five-hour time span on Friday alone. In fact, the Chicago Tribune reports that 3:30 pm to 6 pm Friday became so violent that seven people were shot and wounded during those two and a half hours.

The rest of the weekend was full of more typical Chicago gun violence and gun deaths. The killing of an unidentified, 22-year-old man on Sunday at 11:10 a.m. is a case in point. “He was walking on the sidewalk in the 6700 block of South Jeffery when two males exited a Ford car nearby and opened fire. The man suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, arm and back of his head and was pronounced dead at the scene less than 30 minutes later.” The gunmen were described as “two black males in gray clothing.”

 The weekend violence brings the number of Chicago homicides to 558 for 2017. And the Tribune listed the overall number of Chicago shooting victims at 3014 for 2017, through October 15.

Nearly 800 people were shot and killed in Chicago during 2016 and there were nearly 4,400 shooting victims.”

So why not protest at the 6700 block of South Jeffrey?

I’m sure those two males who killed the 22-year old man could use a good butt-kickin’. Avenging him would prove that Antifa is down for the cause.

Perhaps Antifa people are cowards at heart?

Beating up on Berkeley snowflakes does not a warrior make. And why hide their faces?

We documented a list of places Antifa tends to strike:

-A Trump supporter was knocked unconscious after airport protesters repeatedly beat him on the head.

-A Trump supporter was attacked after putting out a fire started by anti-Trump protesters.

-Trump supporters were beaten in Oregon.

 Milo Yiannopoulos speech at the University of California-Berkeley was cancelled after rioters set the campus on fire and threw rocks through windows. They also attacked those who came to the event.

-Protestors knocked a 71-year-old female staffer for California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher unconscious during a protest outside the representative’s office.

-A parade in Portland, Ore.,was canceled after threats of violence were made against a Republican organization.

-Protesters shut down Ann Coulter’s UC Berkeley speech over safety fears.

Oregon? Berkeley? Not exactly Crump and 4th St in Memphis! In case you’re wondering, that’s the most dangerous neighborhood in America.

Anybody think Antifa will hit any of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America?

I’d PAY to see that. One thing is for sure, there would be lots of Antifa blood in the streets the next morning.

So if Antifa wants to make a point of how “bad” the organization is, they need to move from Miracle Mile in Chicago and hit the South Side. America will see quickly that Antifa Lives Don’t Matter.

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