Steelers Make Surprise Announcement for NFL Sunday

Steelers Make Surprise Announcement for NFL Sunday

The Pittsburgh Steelers stood together last Sunday to protest the national anthem, the flag, America and the president.

Those tried to pretend they only backed the lie of Black Lives Matter, knowing that was utter BS.

Well after the backlash the team felt after their antics on Sunday, they have taken a different stance.

As CBS Pittsburgh reports:

“After facing backlash about standing in the tunnel during the national anthem last Sunday, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey says the team will stand this Sunday.

“I promise you one thing, this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me,” Pouncey said Wednesday.

Pouncey says he expects the entire team to be on the field for the anthem.

“As far as I know it’s 100 percent participation,” Pouncey told reporters. “We love this country. It’s America. We know there are injustice in this world, but to me, personally, football is football and that’s what we need to approach it as…

… Pouncey says the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.

“I promise you this week that we’ll all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me. We respect our flag, and we respect our military and everything that is a part of it,” he said.

The Steelers decision didn’t sit well with some Steelers fans who took to social media to voice their outrage, and even burn team merchandise.

“I think this week we are going to show that. We are sorry for all of our fans who are upset about the things that went down, and I think we’ll come together and all of this will be out the window,” Pouncey said.”

We learned that the Steeler’s racist Leftist coach was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.

He even reprimanded Alejandro Villanueva, the one Steeler who dared do the right thing last Sunday.

Now the wrath of America falls on Tomlin and the Steelers’ organization.

I was asked on Fox News earlier what I thought the NFL will do. I answered, “If they understand that they are a business and one that is not in the business of poltically-correct social engineering, they will stop this nonsense.”

It appears that the NFL is gradually doing this. They’d like the help of the media, as the networks supposedly agreed not to air the national anthems. Given that the media are whores for the most part, I’m surprised they capitulated. But then again, their capitulation is for the cause of Leftism.

Regardless, there are a few Conservatives at games monitoring things, and they can provide video.




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