Super Bowl Champ Sets Record Straight: Dems Hate Blacks

Super Bowl Champ Sets Record Straight: Dems Hate Blacks

According to former Oakland Raider Burgess Owens, the Democratic Party has been anti-black for over 150 years.

It’s time people start paying attention to who they’re standing behind and voting for. Democrats talk the talk, but they never walk the walk; especially when it comes to race relations.

Democrats had a key opportunity. They were represented by the first black president. Yet, they failed to improve conditions for most blacks. In fact, throughout the Obama administration, race wars now rage right before our very eyes.

Sadly, Leftists fool many people into believing they are the loving and tolerant party. However, Burgess Owens describes something very different.


As Burgess points out, “Misery is in black communities controlled by black democrats.” However, Burgess has a plan to help combat these historical problems.

Partial transcript:

Burgess Owens: “Let’s do this. Let’s look at the heart and history of our parties. The Democratic Party has been anti-black for over 150 years! It was the Republican Party – the party of Lincoln – that fought against slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, KKK. The Davis-Bacon Act. There’s a list of things that our party has done very, very well.

And all I’m asking for Americans to do: Give black Conservatives a little bit of time. Give us four years to get our message out to our youth. We’ll mentor them. We will educate them. Furthermore, we will hire them. We will teach them to dream big. Which the Socialists – the Democrats – have not done for decades. If you want to see the vision of the Democratic Party, go to Ferguson, Charlotte, Baltimore – every place you see failure and misery, you see the vision of the Democratic Party.”

Who is Owens?

Owens is a retired football player and the father of six children. He spent 10 years in the NFL playing for the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. He’s enjoyed much success both on and off the field.

After retiring from football, Owens has continued to mentor young people. And, he’s also an accomplished author.

His latest book, Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps (2016) offers a lot of insight into Owens’ theories.

According to Owens:

[His book] documents the role of the 21 white, self-avowed socialist, atheist and  Marxist founders of the NAACP and their impact on the Black community’s present status at the top of our nations misery index.  It highlights the decades of anti-Black legislation supported by liberal black leaders who prioritized class over race in their zeal for the promises of socialism. Their anti-Black legislation, dating back with the 1932 Davis-Bacon Act, continues today to suppress inter-community Black capitalism, federal construction related Black employment, work and job experience for Black teenagers, quality education access for urban black children, and the role of black men as leaders within the family unit.

Owens believes that socialism destroyed the “once enterprising, self-sufficient, competitive and proud Christian black community.” However, given the chance to intervene with young people today, a “portion of that community, the conservative Black middle class, is positioned to pull our nation back from this abyss.”

The first step has to be acknowledging the truth. It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Step 1: Admitting the problem. “Hello. My name is America. I’ve allowed Democrats to destroy me for more than 150 years now. But I’m ready to make a change…”

What About the NFL?

Owens weighed in on the NFL controversy. When speaking to Varney & Co, Owens said he cares more about the black communities than he does the NFL. Owens added that the commissioner would likely be replaced soon enough.

Later, on Tucker Carlson, Owens agreed that watching the richest, most pampered citizens attacking their country is sickening. Owens recalled feeling “teary-eyed” when he heard the anthem play on the field because he knew how amazing his opportunity was.

Owens also pointed out that wearing orange socks on a white team would result in being fined. Furthermore, if cafeteria workers were to protest, they’d come back to no job. Therefore, the NFL has the power to demand players show a little respect.

“At the end of the day, we love our country, and we’re gonna make sure we stand against those who take away the hope of our kids.”


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