Terry Crews Recalls Sexual Assault by Hollywood Honcho

Terry Crews Recalls Sexual Assault by Hollywood Honcho

You know Terry Crews from mostly low-budget films and the occasional TV show.

He generally plays a bad-ass, so to hear of his allegation of a sexual assault challenges perception.

However, as you read the Twitter thread, you understand clearly what happened.

Understand the dynamic here. Some Hollywood honcho had the balls to go up to a substantial black man, and grab his private parts. Does anybody on God’s green earth believe this honcho would have done this had he not been a Hollywood honcho?

You know the obvious answer.

So what power must you feel you possess to do something like this? He would have to believe he had the same power that Weinstein had.

Interestingly, Crews didn’t hit the guy. Again, consider how Crews would have responded in the “real” world. He would have pummeled the guy. Actually, he wouldn’t have to, because a scenario like that would never happen, unless Crews was at a gay bar.

So Crews just gets pissed. His wife witnesses her husband “punking out”, so the two decide to leave.

As the rest of the Twitter thread suggests, there are some BIG points here.

First, rightfully, the honcho called Crews to apologize. He didn’t say why he did it, figuring the apology was enough. Apparently for Crew, the apology sufficed. But did it really.

Crews went on to explain that he didn’t want to be ostracized. The allure of Hollywood made him check his morals at the city limits, as Hollywood beckoned. How many other men had this happened to? For Crews, don’t know, don’t care. He was getting his paycheck, so no harm no foul. I know many who would have done the same thing.

“Let others fend for themselves. I have a lifestyle to maintain.”

Next, Crews says he now sympathizes with others who have gone through this, particularly women. But does he? He didn’t act. In many of these things, people say that silence is capitulation.

But now the biggest point Crews made. He said he talked to many about what happened. So many people know who this person is and what happened. Nevertheless, the sexual predator remains a mystery. Even now Crews seems to be searching for others to come out before he does it. How courageous, right?

The irony is that Hollywood is known for blackballing. Try blackballing in manufacturing and see what happens. In the real world, people make out like bandits when it is found that companies collude against them. But in Hollywood, blackballing is a common and acceptable practice.

Crews certainly knows it. And he chose his path. By the way, I’m not necessarily mad at him. The guy is no DeNiro when it comes to acting and roles. But he does stay busy. Given his record on sexual harassment, one could certainly wonder how he’s stayed so busy.



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