The Polls Are In: Who Now Dominates Cable News?

The Polls Are In: Who Now Dominates Cable News?

MSNBC rode the wave for a bit. But the hay day is over.

FOX News has jumped back in the saddle, now that things have settled down. Rachel Maddow can get her head out of the clouds and back in the butt-cheeks of Hillary Clinton or some other dude.

According to Nation News,

Fox News had an opportunity to toot their own horn.

The ratings are in, analysts have run the calculations, and it is final, Fox News is the most watch News Channel for 63 straight quarters. For the last 15 years, Fox News has crushed every other network, they only need to do it for another 3 months to reach 16 years running.

Although they are clearly the king of cable news they were gracious in their own report. They acknowledged Rachael Maddow from MSNBC:

‘“The Rachel Maddow Show” became the first program in MSNBC history to finish as the most-watched show in cable news among both total viewers and the demo for an entire quarter. Maddow averaged 2.7 million total viewers and 606,000 viewers between ages 25-54.’

Of course, the good news for MSNBC didn’t last because Fox News also pointed out:

“Fox & Friends” dominated mornings, averaging 1.5 million viewers and 343,000 in the demo, compared to 1 million and 237,000 for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” CNN’s “New Day” averaged only 643,000 viewers and 228,000 between ages 25-54.

Variety reported that Sean Hannity topped Rachael Maddow saying:

“According to Nielsen data, “Hannity” averaged 3.27 million total viewers for the hour, with 666,000 of those falling in the adults 25-54 demographic. Maddow, meanwhile, drew 2.66 million viewers with 591,000 in the key demo.”


Do we really need to look at the other shows? Frankly, the idea that Maddow recovered from the Trump tax fiasco proves just how desperate the Left is to keep some semblance of viability in the media. Talk about desperation.

FOX News has revamped the line-up, putting Laura Ingraham in the former Greta Van Susteren slot. Moving Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson back to their original spots proved to be great move.

The other subtle changes sure to invoke wins are giving Harris Faulkner her own show, as well as Dana Perino. Both these ladies are sure to dominate their slots.

FOX News has taken it on the chin with the departures of O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly. O’Reilly presented the biggest challenge, however Kelly’s stock fell sharply after the first presidential debate. From this vantage point, I believe that stock was worthless.

Fox continues to try to regain its audience. The addition of Ingraham lends some Conservative credibility back to the network. The connection to O’Reilly didn’t hurt Ingraham, though I don’t believe that was the reason she got the gig. However, if she can capture some of that audience, Fox won’t be disappointed.

As for CNN and MSNBC, ask yourself if anybody really knows or cares what’s happening over there?





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