Things about to get FAR WORSE for Criminal Clintons and Democrats

Things about to get FAR WORSE for Criminal Clintons and Democrats

We’ve been rightfully caught up in the Clintons ties to the Russians.

And as predicted, not only did the “fake news” RussiaGate on Trump backfire against the Clintons, the tangled web the Left weaved scrambled the brains of the DC Leftists.

Democrats now quiver like scared toddlers in their baby seal-lined boots. Some merely await the executioner. Others have grabbed their bugout bags and started the process of becoming invisible.

The media will eventually do its mea culpa–for some it’s already begun. Now those few turned their watchful eye on the Uranium One scandal, as well as Fusion GPS. Undoubtedly, once the dust settles on this phase of The Hanging of the Clintons Part I, Part II will take effect.

Recall back in April of 2015, Peter Schweizer released his book Clinton Cash. In the book, he connected the dots on Uranium One, the State Department, and the Russians. The Clinton campaign and other elitist Democrats publicly dismissed the book as “much ado about nothing”. However, privately they knew this scandal was big. Many Leftists wanted Clinton gone.

However, Clinton was the chosen one. And Obama owed her big favors. So the Democrats persisted.

They cheated Bernie Sanders who was all too happy to become a Clinton lapdog; likely under threat of death. The Democrats pressed on, pulling out all the stops to insure a Hillary Clinton presidency. That’s all the Democrats needed to superglue together their house of cards.

They failed. So we find ourselves exploring their dirty dealings, and the next phase could get even dicier.

The second big issue for the Clinton Foundation revolved around their taxes. Remember those missing foreign donations.

As The Atlantic reported,

For years before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation reported tens of millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments on its tax forms. In 2010, that suddenly dropped to zero. Reuters reports:

Those entries were errors, according to the foundation: several foreign governments continued to give tens of millions of dollars toward the foundation’s work on climate change and economic development through this three-year period. Those governments were identified on the foundation’s annually updated donor list, along with broad indications of how much each had cumulatively given since they began donating.

After Reuters asked about the discrepancy, the foundation said it would refile five years’ worth of returns. “No charity is required to disclose their donors,” a spokesman said. “However, we voluntarily disclose our more than 300,000 donors and post our audited financial statements on our website along with the 990s for anyone to see.” But of course, no other charity is run by a former president whose wife used to be secretary of state and who is running for president.

Let’s see if the media will follow the money.

Remember the limits put on donations from foreign governments?

A newly disclosed internal email about a potential $1 million gift from the country of Qatar to the Clinton Foundation is shedding light on how the charity dealt with donations from foreign governments during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

An ethics agreement with the Obama administration placed certain limits on such contributions during her tenure. It was designed to avoid the impression that foreign governments could curry favor with the top U.S. diplomat by supporting the foundation that her husband started.

But that agreement did not stop donations from foreign governments entirely. Contributions from governments that had given before Clinton took office were allowed, provided those donations did not represent substantial increases over past giving.

The newly disclosed email, part of the thousands of hacked documents being made public by WikiLeaks, gives a sense of the scale of that giving from one U.S. ally with, at times, complicated relations with the American government.

The story goes on to discuss the multiple donations made by foreign governments. Does $145 million from the Canadians by way of the Russians count?



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