President Trump DARES Jemele Hill of ESPN to Tweet

President Trump DARES Jemele Hill of ESPN to Tweet

President Trump knows how to play the Left. And he does them like Amadeus played the piano.

In hIs most recent masterpiece, he plays Jemele Hill.

At at time when Jemele Hill is on “lockdown”, he continues the Twitter battle in a war he WINNING!

As usual, President Trump tweeted the truth about Jemele Hill’s ratings.

The Left disagree, but what would you expect.

Clearly, President Donald Trump isn’t watching Jemele Hill and Michael Smith’s “SC6” — but that doesn’t mean that nobody is or that the network’s ratings have “tanked” since they took over the 6 p.m. time slot in February.

According to the most-recent quarter, the rebranded “SC6” is actually up a hair under 1 percent year over year in cable’s key adults 25-54 demographic, with an average of 233,000 viewers versus 231,000. Last year, a regular live “SportsCenter” owned the comparable hour.

In terms of total viewers, however, 6 o’clock is down 2,000 audience members, which effectively makes the rebranded hour materially flat.

Up a hair? Flat?

Is that what ESPN hired Jemele Hill to do? To tick “up a hair,” or the be “materially flat”? I don’t think so.

But what we’ve really learned of Donald Trump is his ability to peer into the future. I suggest ESPN (and other Leftists) take heed.

As I’ve said, the Left would love to minimize President Trump taking on these anti-American racists. They have seen the race card work in other battles, and think it still applies. Check out what avowed Leftist Jim Roberts tweeted.

Sure, because the president can put out fires and add to the Puerto Rican relief effort by flying his plane over there? Here’s a question. What has Jim Roberts done? My bet…NOTHING!

Do you think Roberts will bother to hold Obama accountable for what he was doing during Sandy?

Consider that Obama chimed in on a police officer arresting Professor Gates. His Final Four brackets, for starters. Then he got completely involved when a black teen thug tried to kill a cop. Simply put, Obama was all about the minutiae.

You can bet that Jim Roberts doesn’t care the Obama golfed during Hurricane Sandy.

And then there was this tweet from Breitbart White House correspondent, Charlie Spiering:

The question showcases the subtle brilliance of Trump. He DARES Hill to tweet. He mocks her, as she must make a choice between her job or her First Amendment right.

I doubt Hill tweets back…ever. Because she loves that money. She talks a good game, pretending to be a social justice warrior. But in fact, she’s just another black racist, down the cause…her cause.








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