Twitter Bans Weinstein Victim Rose McGowan and ME

Twitter Bans Weinstein Victim Rose McGowan and ME

Harvey Weinstein continues to expose more about Leftism.

Besides the well-known yet under-exposed dirty underbelly of Hollywood’s sex-for-play scandal, other ugly truisms of Leftism now see the light of day.

Conservatives have complained about being banned from social media, when we speak truth to power. Apparently, when it comes to exposing lecherous Leftists, the progressives willingly eat their own.

As Z Review reported,

Earlier today, Twitter closed Rose McGowan’s (actor, director, producer) account. She’s a sane, accomplished veteran of the movie industry, why silence her?

Rose McGowan was one of the first people to make bold public statements and gestures regarding the brutal misogyny in the film industry. Her frustration, anger, and disbelief moved her to do what so many other women in entertainment have not done.  McGowan spoke out.  She still speaks out.  She names names, identifies who did what, and publicizes the negative consequences of their actions.  Rose McGowan has been holding the torch for women in Hollywood for years; sure, she’s an activist and a thorn in some people’s sides, but why go after her now?

McGowan has made lambasting Harvey Weinstein part of her career as an activist. Prior to last week, the accounts she related to media sources were reported, but with a bit of skepticism. If no one else was saying what she was, why assume she was saying the absolute truth?  Maybe she just had an axe to grind?

In response to the now proven allegations against Weinstein, I challenged the Women’s Movement.

Specifically I challenged two of the Women’s Movement’s most vocal leaders, namely Hillary Clinton and Ashley Judd. I tweeted to them:

Hey @HillaryClinton or @AshleyJudd is the [sic] such a thing as a #Feminist “Uncle Tom”? #TeamKJ


Fair question. Nothing menacing about it.

My question revolves around the idea that these women appear to be sellouts. Since black Leftists are so quick to call me an “Uncle Tom” for not being down with all things black, I wondered if these women were pelted with such a term?

Such a question could easily be deemed, “Educational”. Again, I made no threats or insinuated anything more than these women might be perceived as sellouts. After all both Clinton and Judd crusade on behalf of women. Hillary Clinton built her failed second presidential campaign on the notion of helping women. Ashley Judd could easily have been her VP. Both women wholly ignored the many misogynists in their midst, choosing to target Donald Trump instead.

For my question of these women, I was given a 7-day suspension. Punished for what? And the next question is why 7 days? Why not a warning, to let me know the specifics of my “violation”?

And then show me how punishment is determined. At best, my punishment deserved a warning.

So I challenged their penalty, and below is the result:

That’s the response. GUILTY!

I’m guilty of nothing, nevertheless I accept my punishment, now in day 3. But what of McGowan?

She was BANNED. Her page was removed. Someone from Twitter please tell me why?

And when does the government step in and smack down these Leftist protectionists? Predator enablers like the CEO of Twitter who allow one group preferential treatment over others.

Why do Twitter and Facebook not want truth?

The article on McGowan continues,

She did and does have an axe to grind.  It’s the same one she’s been honing for years.  The difference between now and then is that her stories are being corroborated left and right.  Her voice has helped other women who had endured sexual assault years ago to come forward, as well as women who suffered being Weinsteined more recently.  Rose McGowan’s record of interviews and social media posts have created one of the Weinstein camp’s worst nightmares. She created a very, very long timeline that has to be accounted for by Harvey as well as the cascade of enablers working for or with him.

I looked at what the terms of twitter misconduct are.  If you’d like to check it out, click here:

McGowan hasn’t violated any of them. I’m a lawyer.  I know things.

But as with all things Leftist, the writer must involve President Trump.

The only public figure to blatantly disregard these rules is, of course, Donald Trump.

Twitter has shown its colors.  Rose McGowan got shut down; Trump got 140 more characters.

What else has to be outed before the public will acknowledge that there is big business in burying the misdeeds of male power-brokers by keeping women, the people on whom they prey, silent?

For the record, responding back to people who hit you is not harassment. So perhaps the president will enter another fight on behalf of the nation?

Maybe he will force snowflakes to grow up?

Whatever the case, Twitter proves that a heavy price comes from bucking the establishment Leftists. They will shut down your First Amendment rights. Don’t worry Rose McGowan, Conservatives hear you loud and clear.


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