Vegas Shooter Spotted at Anti-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

Vegas Shooter Spotted at Anti-Trump Rally [VIDEO]

I love being right, and I predicted the Vegas shooter was a Leftists.

As Pam Geller points out, the man was seen at anti-Trump rallies.

Geller’s team believes the man seen in this video is the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock.

He attended an anti-trump protest in Reno Nevada in August 2017. Perhaps we will be able to have somebody validate this. I’m sure they will be amazed to have been that close to a future mass murderer.

As for background on the killer, the interviews with family and friends astound me. They generally say what his brother said: “I had no idea, blah blah blah.”

They never seem to have an idea of who their family really is. This phenomenon seems be getting worse, as we have dozens of ways to interact, and yet rarely do.

As Fox News reported of the brother’s interview:

In an interview, Eric described his brother as “not a normal guy” who frequently “played high stakes video poker,” the Associated Press reported. He added that his brother once “texted me a picture that he won $40,000 on a slot machine.”

Eric said he knew his brother owned a few guns but barely used them and was shocked to find out the type of weapons used in the deadly attack.

“He’s just a guy who played video poker and took cruises and ate burritos at Taco Bell. There’s no political affiliation that we know of. There’s no religious affiliation that we know of,” Eric said, according to The Washington Post.

If the man had a gambling problem I wonder if Mandalay Bay “comped” him the room? Actually, according to reports, the man had a double room. From the location of the shooting, those were very nice rooms.

How long had this man been planning this?

The brother didn’t seem to know a political affiliation. However, the more we learn, the more we believe the man was a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist.

In another twist of irony, the man is a former employee of Lockheed Martin, a government subcontractor. He worked in accounting, an occupation not know for mass killers. In fact, I could only find one.

Thirty years ago, accountant John List methodically murdered his whole family — his mother, his wife, and their three children. He says he wanted to spare them the shame of losing their New Jersey mansion and to make sure they got to heaven.

Now, in his first-ever public comments about the 1971 crime, the 76-year-old former Sunday school teacher says he is waiting to be reunited with them in the hereafter.

You can bet the media fears digging more into Paddock’s past. They know what I know: Leftists kill.


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