Videos the NFL Doesn’t Want America to see

Videos the NFL Doesn’t Want America to see

There is no doubt how many of the NFL kneelers feel about America.

They hate the country. They tolerated America under Obama, as they were told to. After all, Obama is black.

So what America, mostly white America elected the first half-black president. As any multi-millionaire black NFL baby can attest, America remains an oppressive country.

The NFL won’t confront its “thugletes”, and thus continues the false narrative of black oppression. Instead of warning its employees about further insolence, the NFL commissioner continues drawing his fat politically-correct paychecks totaling $142 million. But who’s keeping score, right?

So the NFL won’t support the police or memorialize 9-11. However, the organization allows its employees to disrespect the country, the flag, the anthem, and particularly the men who fought under those symbols of freedom.

Recently, the NFL rolled out it line of patriotic NFL gear, as it that would placate the now pissed off fans. Sure, we help make the NFL a crapload of money of military paraphernalia, and all is good in the hood.

Meanwhile, the players up the ante. Sure, most stand now…they just raise the “black power” fist. As my white friends joked with me once when I held up my “black power” fist, he put his on top and said, “With white supervision!”

Back to the players. So fist raised, NFL thugletes ignore the spirit of the rule to stand for the anthem. But some did far worse.

A pair of new videos showing several NFL players taunting fans, and screaming the “f-word” has been revealed. The videos were filmed during the Monday night game between the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the first video, Chiefs defensive back Marcus Peters responds angrily to fans. Apparently the fans had choice comments and criticism, after Peters gave up a 44-yard touchdown early in the game.

In this next video, Redskins wide receiver Terrell Pryor is seen going ballistic on hecklers as he walked toward the tunnel that leads to the team locker room.

Pryor yells the “f-word” at fans while flipping them the finger. He even raises his helmet as if he intended to throw it. A Redskins staffer tries to calm the player and guide him through the tunnel.

Gone are the days of Jackie Robinson. When players acted with decorum.

Keep in mind that were it not for football, many of these thugletes would be dead or in prison.

The NFL has many rules about players appearance and interaction with officials, fans, and other players. But as we’ve learned in Leftist America, the rules are made to be broken for some people. Because some people didn’t have fathers growing up, or some such nonsense.

Soon the NFL will have to play by the rules. The trend line for viewership and profitability would make most companies panic. The NFL has some built-in temporary safeguards that don’t allow the wheels to fall off the wagon. But that doesn’t mean the tread doesn’t get might bare.

Unless things change, the NFL will allow a handful of employees to ruin the tradition of the sport, as well as the market cap of the organizations.






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