Watch: Jimmy Kimmel has women grab his crotch

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel has women grab his crotch

As Jimmy Kimmel proves, Hollywood is all about fun and games. The late-night talk show host decided it would be fun if he could get women to grab his crotch.

You can bet that Kimmel and other Hollyweirdos see this as good harmless fun. Perhaps it was, when Kimmel pulled this stunt.

But now we have Harvey Weinstein.

Even now in light of the Weinstein revelations, the Left mention Donald Trump’s audio with Billy Bush. But this story will soon fade as more comes out about Weinstein and others to be named later….

It’s just good to know the origins of things in Hollywood. You can bet that Kimmel’s “all in good fun” likely has its origins in what Donald Trump alluded to in his tape. Just think, Kimmel got these women to do this on camera. What do you think he could get them to do off-camera?

We chronicled how Ben Affleck was so comfortable in his stardom, that he grabbed a reporter’s breast on camera.

Hilarie Burton tells the story in the video, as if it was “no big deal”. She later confessed that her demeanor was merely her pretending not to be devastated. She said that she cried over the incident, and was sadly amazed at the idea that he would do that.

But what Affleck did showcases a real problem with feminism and Hollywood.

As I have said, feminists put a target on the back of ladies. All women are not ladies, so many don’t care if Ben Affleck grabs their breasts or other body parts, as Donald Trump said. Some women put themselves out there as “available for whatever, whenever”. If you want to see feminism on full display, Hollywood will give you a lifetime of debauchery in a week.

Jimmy Kimmel’s fun and games shows the results of feminism. Try to imagine a woman in the 1950s doing what Kimmel asked. Understand that I’m no prude. The right woman can certainly grab my crotch, Halle Berry! I just prefer she grab me in privates in PRIVATE!

I am curious as to what the anti-Trump sanctimonious Kimmel or other Hollyweirdos have to say about this little blast from the past video.


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