WATCH: Moment 18-Year-Old Vegas massacre survivor meets her HERO

WATCH: Moment 18-Year-Old Vegas massacre survivor meets her HERO

Can you imagine being a sitting duck in Las Vegas, as a madman rains down 7.62mm gunfire on you?

That’s what this young girl and thousands of other realized not long ago, as she and other concert-goers amassed in a “kill zone” for a country concert near the Mandalay Bay.

Addison Short, 18, recalled being shot in the leg at the event. She then recounts being saved by a good Samaritan who put his belt around her leg to stop the bleeding and carrying her away from the gunfire.

“Please get me out of here…“He just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.”

The man carried her to an off-duty police officer who got her a taxi to the hospital.

“I hope the guy that helped me is watching…I just really want to tell him how grateful I am for basically saving my life.”

Thankfully, that reunion was arranged.

“Thank you so much,” Short told Jamie Jackson in a surprise emotional reunion.

“You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys,” Short told Jackson and his wife.

“I’m glad we could help,” Jackson said. “”I was worried. The whole night, until I saw the news article, I like was freaking out.”

“I was worried about you guys, I was just hoping you were OK,” she said.

You can bet you wouldn’t be hearing these stories of heroism at a rap concert. People would have been in the wind.

The registered Democrat we know as Stephen Paddock killed 59 people in Las Vegas and wounded hundreds of others, including Addison. It is said he targeted this group because he knew country fans tend to support America, ergo President Trump. And Leftists around the country celebrated with Paddock, as some prayed that only “Trumptards” were killed, while others expressed no sympathy for the “trump supporters”.

From this tragedy we learned there are two Americas. Barack Obama made sure of that. He divided this country along party lines, ideological lines. What we learned from this tragedy is that Democrats, Leftists, Progressives are evil people. Conservatives would have run towards that gun fire to save everybody, with no regard to politics. But Leftists prefer to watch us die. They pray for it.

And then there is Jamie Jackson.

Jackson showcased the good part of America that occurs in a tragedy. The selfless acts of courage. And young Addison confessed in her reunion how worried she was about the man who “picked me up and threw me over his shoulders”.

I’m happy to be part of that America. I’m overjoyed to know that like Jamie Jackson, I’m one of the millions of Conservative men who would have done exactly the same.

As I ponder this article, I think about the tears that young girl felt when she met her hero. I also think about in the hours leading up to her meeting the man who may have saved her life, all the discussion around the Leftist freak who put her in the hospital. The spin of the media.

They point their finger at the president, and of course demand more gun control. How sad. Addison’s story is lost, and the story of her Samaritan equally lost. Just as the media and other Leftists intend.

Sure, CNN aired this segment. Congratulations to them for getting at least one story right. But just keep watching, because the fake news will be back soon.


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