Did Weinstein’s BROTHER Leak Story to New York Times?

Did Weinstein’s BROTHER Leak Story to New York Times?

Hollywood is a cesspool and the Leftist trolls who inhabit that swamp know it.

While these clowns go after the Catholic church or Trump, they commit crimes that would make ISIS blush.

Every now and then we get a glimpse of what happens there, but not often. Hollywood is a closed society, because in order to get wealth and fame, you must keep your mouth shut about what you see. So when a story breaks, it’s like a real insiders.

According to Page Six, the person who may have exposed Harvey Weinstein is none other then Bob Weinstein, his brother.

It’s Cain and Abel — Hollywood style.

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein may have been stabbed in the back by his own brother, who, sources told The Post, has been trying for years to replace his sibling as the sole head of their marquee film studio.

Bob Weinstein, the disgruntled co-founder of The Weinstein Company, may have been the mastermind behind an exposé of lurid sex allegations that led to his brother’s humiliating downfall, the sources said.

“Bob’s wanted Harvey out for years,” said a former staffer, who added that the two brothers are becoming increasingly suspicious of each other.

Insiders believe that Bob may have helped concoct the explosive New York Times story that exposed the harassment allegations from Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and other former employees.

“Bob may have even fed this story” to the Times, the insider said.

Harvey Weinstein has been a sexual predator for decades.

From the Leftist rag Slate:

For years, both women and men told the Times, Weinstein has promised women help with their careers in exchange for sexual favors, naked massages, or their agreement to watch him bathe. They allege that he groped them, scheduled work meetings with them only to bring them to his hotel room and repeatedly proposition them for sex, and forced young female employees to wake him up in his bedroom or do “turndown duty” at night. Even female executives allegedly felt so uncomfortable around him that they wouldn’t be in a room with him alone.

Vox interviewed Elaine Lui, the gossip maven who co-hosts Canada’s The Social and has reported for cTV’s eTalk Daily, She expounded on the Weinstein incident:

Constance Grady

How long have there been rumors about Harvey Weinstein?

Elaine Lui

There have been rumors for as long as I’ve been doing this. All I can speak to is my own experience, and for the 15 years that I’ve been reporting, that’s how long I’ve been hearing about it.

I read a tweet today from somebody who works in the business, who says, “Everybody has their own Harvey story.” It ranges from that to, “I’ve heard he’s so creepy, people have warned me.” There are some people who have specific stories, and then there are people who know someone who knows someone who has a specific story.

Put simply, everybody in Hollywood was aware of Weinstein’s actions.

More disconcerting is how the coverup continues. 

Not a single late-night host cracked a joke about Weinstein. Where are all the politicos to whom Weinstein donated?

I don’t hear Hillary Clinton’s outrage of Weinstein grabbing women by the p*ssy!

Page Six continues,

Yet Weinstein has had one of the most successful production careers in contemporary Hollywood, winning six Best Picture Oscars and lending his name to dozens of other critically acclaimed films and television shows.

That Weinstein can pick the winners!

Interestingly, the big question in Hollywood has nothing to do with the likely hundreds of women he sexually abused. No, the big question in Hollywood is whether or not Weinstein’s Oscar streak will be broken!

Page Six reported on Weinstein’s potential Oscar streak ending:

Hollywood insiders are taking sides over whether Harvey Weinstein’s sexual-harassment allegations will spell the end of his ­Oscar winning streak.

This year, The Weinstein Company has two films that could be potential awards bait: “Wind River” starring Jeremy Renner, and “The Current War” with Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison and Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse. But one Oscars insider predicts that “the industry will turn its back on Harvey,” after his sexual harassment allegations.

But another Hollywood insider countered, “I would like to think that the Academy doesn’t hold this against the filmmakers.”

It’s about the ART, man! Don’t hold the sexual harassment of hundreds of women against the man’s ART! We can’t go breaking the streak, now can we!

I LOVE that Hollywood is “taking sides” in this debate. Should Weinstein get more Oscars, now that we know he’s a sexual predator who ruined the lives of countless women?

And they wonder why I call them Hollyweirdos?




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