Weinstein’s Friend for 20 Years: What else doesn’t George Clooney know?

Weinstein’s Friend for 20 Years: What else doesn’t George Clooney know?

George Clooney is the typical Leftist know-it-all. He’s as well known for his warped Leftists anti-American views as he is for his overrated acting.

People like Clooney are poster children for the saying. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” But don’t expect them to understand that. Clooney and clan are smarter than us, because they are rich and surrounded by “Yes Men”. 

Hollyweirdos are surrounded by staffers who tell them what the stars want to hear. Do you think they ever get the truth?

They are told, “Obama is smart and Trump is a racist.” Why? Because some staffer is told to validate that at HuffPo.

Now we learn that George Clooney was friends with Harvey Weinstein for years, but he can’t believe what he’s learned about him.

Clooney — who admittedly received his “first big break” in Hollywood from Weinstein — told The Daily Beast Monday: “It’s indefensible. That’s the only word you can start with. Harvey’s admitted to it, and it’s indefensible.”

“I’ve known Harvey for 20 years. He gave me my first big break as an actor in films on From Dusk Till Dawn, he gave me my first big break as a director with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” Clooney said. “We’ve had dinners, we’ve been on location together, we’ve had arguments. But I can tell you that I’ve never seen any of this behavior—ever.”

“A lot of people are doing the ‘you had to know’ thing right now, and yes, if you’re asking if I knew that someone who was very powerful had a tendency to hit on young, beautiful women, sure,” Clooney said. “But I had no idea that it had gone to the level of having to pay off eight women for their silence, and that these women were threatened and victimized.”

Clooney is right. He has no idea. About anything.

He hung around a guy for 20 years and watched him “hit on young, beautiful women,” but he never put two and two together

Clooney apparently isn’t too involved in the lives of his friends. Most people tend to know their friends…after 20 years. Even if I believe he didn’t have direct knowledge, he certainly was aware of the “whisper” campaign. Hollywood is a small community, and there are very few secrets. What Hollywood is good at is keeping those secrets.

Regardless, Clooney missed the biggest revelation in decades in his home town. So the question begs, what else is Clooney wrong about? Global climate change? Barack Obama’s performance as president? Leftism?

Don’t expect Clooney to reconsider his positions on other things now that he’s suddenly “discovered” that his friend of 20 years is a misogynist at best, and a rapists at worst. Leftists are stuck on stupid.

Worse yet, is how in tune Clooney is with his friends.

Who else has Clooney befriended and not been close enough to help? True friends know each others’ problem. And when needed, they step in to help. After three decades of sexually assaulting women, you know Weinstein called out for help.

Hollywood has a different definition of friends. These are the friends who figure out how to use one another to make ungodly amounts of money, so they can pretend to have their fingers on the pulse of society. They donate almost exclusively to politicians willing to look the other way as Hollywood breaks all the rules.

I suggest when looking for new friends, both Weinstein and Clooney get dogs.



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