BIASED Judge in Fusion GPS Case FORCED to Recuse Herself

BIASED Judge in Fusion GPS Case FORCED to Recuse Herself

This may be the most obvious case of conflict I’ve seen in a while.

How this judge could have ever gotten the Fusion GPS case shows a lack of integrity in our justice system.

As True Pundit wrote of U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, and her “blatant conflicts of interest in the Fusion GPS case”:

On Thursday the United States District Court for the District of Columbia re-assigned the Fusion GPS bank record case to a new federal judge, removing Chutkan from making any additional decisions on the case. This is highly unusual move but in this case quite necessary.

Chutkan was presiding over a case that could implicate Barack Obama. She donated campaign cash to Obama. After his election, he appointed both her and her husband as judges. Other Chutkan family members also contributed to Obama’s political coffers.

The mere fact that Fusion GPS’ bank records could implicate Hillary Clinton and her former boss Obama is reason enough to believe Chutkan would opt on the side of The Swamp, in an effort to further protect Obama and his cartel which at this point may or may not include the federal judge who should have recused herself from the case.

Just days ago the Obama crony helped Fusion GPS seal their financial records to keep its clients secret, after Congress subpoenaed the financial records.

Chutkan has a history of not recusing herself from cases with a direct and personal conflict so why would she stop now. She presided over a Homeland Security case without notifying the court or plaintiff’s attorneys she had a close family relative who works for DHS.

The Left would love to ignore this conflict of interest. And there have been plenty.

Former FBI Director James Comey had obvious conflicts of interest involving Hillary Clinton. As we reported, Comey had run interference for the Clintons for decades.

And what of Loretta Lynch and her meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. Next we discovered that Lynch ordered Comey and others to use softer language in dealing with the Clintons investigation.

As for Judge Chutkan, her strong ties to Obama would undoubtedly bias her rulings. Understand that Chutkan was appointed to the federal bench by Obama.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) spoke by phone with Tanya Chutkan yesterday to inform her that President Obama would nominate her to become a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, as recommended by the Congresswoman.  Chutkan is currently a partner at the law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP, where her practice focuses on complex civil litigation, especially antitrust class actions, but also on white collar criminal defense and corporate investigations.  If confirmed by the Senate, Chutkan would be the second African American woman appointed to the district court here in 32 years, only the third to ever serve, and the second currently on the bench, joining Ketanji Brown Jackson, another Norton recommendation.

This happened after she kicked thousands in campaign donations to his presidential campaign.

But her potential conflicts and collusion are far worse.

And Chutkan’s former law firm, where she worked until her appointment to the federal bench in 2014, currently represents Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. The firm also is stacked with Democratic lawyers who worked for Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Barack Obama’s White House, just to name a few D.C. insiders.

If Obama or his administration is implicated in the expanding Awan Congressional probe they likely have little to worry about.

These revelations damper rank-and-file FBI agents who are pressing to expand the case to encompass Awan’s two brothers and press an indictment for selling intelligence gleaned and possibly stolen from Congressional IT network the Awams were charged with safeguarding.

“It’s rigged from almost every angle,” a frustrated FBI insider said.

But check out how the dots connect further!

That’s because the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia — Channing Phillips — who is running point on the case is likewise a Democrat, appointed by President Barack Obama. Phillips was appointed just months before the grand jury convened to weigh evidence in the Awan case.

And Phillips is a long time protege of Holder and Lynch who both served concurrently as attorney general while the Awan clan was running loose in Congress. Phillips worked under both for many years.

FBI agents fear Phillips — now backed by the federal case judge Chutkan — has cleverly rigged the Awan case to protect Obama, Lynch, Holder and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This likely includes the dozens of Congressional Democrats the Awans served as IT specialists.

Awan and Alvi, husband and wife, were indicted on bank fraud and financial crimes on August 17, but federal agents believe this case is much larger than mortgage-related crimes. There is growing evidence, for instance the Awans could have sold classified information to foreign governments outside the United States. Then there is growing talk that the Awans may have blackmailed Congress with damaging emails and photos. FBI sources also believe someone in Congress tipped the Awans off months before their grand jury indictment.

Chutkan has come under fire recently for tilting the case in Awan’s favor, granting motions by his legal team to give the accused fraudster more leeway and travel freedom with his pretrial intervention program, while stifling third-party motions to offer evidence in the case.

Talk about providing cover!

In order to avoid appearance of impropriety, Federal law prohibits Judges from presiding over cases in which they have a direct personal bias or financial interest concerning a party to the case. Chutkan had already intervened to help Clinton and potentially Obama, as Politico reported.

Fusion GPS appealed to a federal judge in Washington last week to block a wide-ranging subpoena the House panel issued to TD Bank, seeking information on Fusion’s financial transactions over a period of more than two years.

However, U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan prodded both sides to reach a resolution. She indicated Friday night that such a deal had been reached and she formally approved it Saturday.

Just what the agreement calls for remains unclear as the judge put it under seal despite the fact that one of the parties is a government entity and the court is retaining jurisdiction to make sure the settlement is carried out.

“The Confidential Agreement and the Sealed Protective Order shall remain confidential in light of the high sensitive nature of the subject matter of the Committee’s investigation, Plaintiff’s interest in the privacy of its bank records, the Committee’s interest in preserving the confidentiality of its investigation, and the compelling interest in facilitating the parties’ settlement,” Chutkan and the litigants said in a joint stipulation.

Thankfully, the Fusion GPS case has been re-assigned to Richard J. Leon, a Senior District Judge for the District of Columbia. President Bush appointed Leon in the latter part of 2001. He was later confirmed in Feb 2002.

Hopefully, Leon won’t behave like Bush, and become a turncoat Republican. If he’s fair, then the Democrats are in BIG trouble.


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