Black Legislator Protests Police Brutality By Shutting Down Mall

The Ferguson protests during the Era of Obama caused the police to become onlookers.

Many police officers were afraid to stop looters and idiot blacks who baited them, for fear of losing their jobs. We saw this play out in Ferguson as rioters looted a liquor store as the police watched, doing nothing.

But the election of Donald Trump brought a different era. America has returned to law and order. Thus police again do their jobs.

So in St. Louis, the police responded when protestors disrupted shoppers at the Galleria Mall.

During the time of the Michael Brown Jr incident, many area black politicians tried to gain prominence. I recall Alderman Antonio French standing in the street in Ferguson, an area for which he had no responsibility. He was merely there for photo op.

In the end he looked like a moron. And there were others.

Now that the hoopla has ended, the bottom-feeders now try to get some remnants of street cred. That why Missouri Democratic state Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. got himself arrested protesting at the mall on Black Friday.

Franks was a part of a large protest, which some were calling an “economic boycott.” The group’s message was reportedly announced in early November by a group of African Americans in the area to fight against police brutality and to speak out against the lack of bank loans for infrastructure in communities in the St. Louis area.

The protest started around 2 p.m. at the St. Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights, according to The St. Louis Dispatch. Protesters marched through the mall, chanting “shut it down” before police quickly announced that they would be making arrests around 2:25 p.m.

Happy Black Friday to that black moron!


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