Bruce Willis: ‘He Just Might be the BEST US President Ever’

Bruce Willis: ‘He Just Might be the BEST US President Ever’

Bruce Willis appeared on Jimmy Fallon, where he mocked his hair.

An obvious setup, Willis goes on to discuss politics:

After the fun and games, Jimmy Fallon asked Willis how he felt about President Trump.

Willis replied,

“I think that he’s doing great. In fact, he just might be the best US President ever.”

Fallon felt like Willis might have been kidding, and ask him if he was being serious about his answer. Fallon likely didn’t believe anybody would actually admit to liking Trump.

Keep in mind that Fallon himself has taken quite a bit of criticism because unlike other late night comedians, he won’t simply go after President Trump for canned laughter.

As for his comments about the president perhaps being the greatest president, Willis responded.

“Yeah I’m being serious about this. Trump has always been a winner and to be honest I can’t think of a better man to lead America at this moment.”

“Trump has a winning mentality and I believe that every American can identify with that. He is the guy that we need right now and I think that we should all settle our differences and support him.”

Willis is a known Hollywood Conservative, and it is refreshing to see an actor of his stature publicly declare his support of the president. I’m not sure if many other actors have the guts to do what Willis did, but you know many people cheered Willis’ comments.

Perhaps Willis’ strongest words came to this who opposed Trump and thwart our political system.

“Before every election so far there were debates and fighting between candidates. But, once we had a winner everybody just stood behind the elected President. Now we see that the fighting and conflict continue long after the 2016 election. I don’t like that. It doesn’t look good. If you don’t like him go to Canada or something.”

I suspect in a year or so many more Hollyweirdos will join Willis in his sanity. Also, this epiphany will occur to many others. In fact, I believe it already has, as we have the clues.

I’m on record saying that 2018 will be another Republican sweep of the mid-terms. And 2020 will be a walk in the park for President Trump in his bid for re-election.



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