Charlie Rose and Why Leftists Are Abusive Parents

Charlie Rose and Why Leftists Are Abusive Parents

I have a friend who grew up in an abusive family. Her mother was Mommy Dearest on steroids.

The woman’s mother was abusive physically. But her emotional abuse was far worse. I won’t take you through the really bad incidents, but will explain one thing cruel tactic.

What her mother would do is buy her a birthday or Christmas present. But in order for her young daughter to play with the toy, she had to agree to whatever her mother said or did.

Imagine a six-year old child being told to be mean to her sibling, for example, in order to play with something that was rightfully hers, gifted as such. The mother threatened time and again to take the toy away. This continued until the girl left home.

So now, when that woman is given a gift, she sees it differently than you and I. The gift is not perceived as something given with love that belongs solely to the recipient. Instead that gift is perceived as a tool of manipulation.

Such are the gifts of the Left.

In two multiple high-profile cases, the Left has given gifts, then taken them away.

In the first instance, after the revelations regarding Harvey Weinstein, the Left quickly rescinded all his awards.

Harvey Weinstein lost another award Thursday as companies and organizations scramble to distance themselves from the sexual assault allegations rocking Hollywood.

Weinstein received the British Film Institute (BFI) Fellowship due to his “contribution” to British films alongside his brother Bob Weinstein in 2002, reported the Hollywood Reporter. Actor Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently said that Weinstein sexually harassed her, presented the award to the Weinstein brothers in 2002.

Weinstein was stripped of the award due to sexual assault allegations, but his brother is still listed as a BFI Fellow despite also being accused of sexual harassment.

“Sexual harassment, abuse, and bullying are appalling and unacceptable under any circumstances. Everyone working in the film industry – and any industry – should be safe and respected in the workplace. We wholeheartedly support those brave enough to come forward,” said the BFI in a statement.

And the same thing happened to Bill Cosby.

The moment things started going sideways for Cosby, various colleges stripped him of his “honorary” degrees. 

In the latest setback over his sex assault allegations, three colleges in recent days have rescinded honorary degrees awarded to him years ago.
Fordham University in New York and Marquette University in Wisconsin announced last Thursday they had pulled the degrees given to the comedian to honor him. Then, on Monday, Brown University in Rhode Island said that it will do the same.

And now we have Charlie Rose.

Two journalism schools have taken back the awards they’d given veteran news broadcaster Charlie Rose because of the accusations of sexual misconduct against him.

Arizona State University’s journalism school announced it was rescinding the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, which Rose received in 2015. Next, the University of Kansas decided to take back the William Allen White National Citation.

So awards for one’s work are fine, as long as you do the right thing? Live a moral life.

Then I suggest the Left be prepared to take back any and all awards made to other Leftists.

I’m certainly not condoning what Charlie Rose and Weinstein did, or what Cosby’s been accused of. But they were good enough at some point to warrant their awards. And now, like abusive parents, these organizations want their awards back.

How far do we go back? Should Little League take back any trophies Jeffrey Dahmer may have won?

Why have awards, when they can be taken back? Is that some sort of Leftist incentive for them to do the right thing or else. Maybe these organization should just “lease” the awards.

Apparently awards mean more to Leftists than religion. Perhaps if Leftists believed in religion, they would live lives that don’t necessitate the worship of awards.



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