Clintons Throw “low-key” Party with a few friends

Clintons Throw “low-key” Party with a few friends

The party is over for the Clintons. Sure, they put on airs. However, the writing is on the wall for these two and many of their cronies.

The Clintons recently threw a small, low-key birthday bash for Hillary’s 70th birthday. Apparently the only people who showed up were members of the Clinton Cartel.

In the old days, lots of DC swamp rats and Hollyweirdos wouldn’t miss such an event. But that wasn’t the case, as many passed on seeing Hillary Clinton become a Septuagenarian.

According to Page Six:

Hillary Clinton celebrated her 70th birthday with an intimate party at the NoMad Hotel, we’re told.

At the bash for about 10 close family members and friends, sources say, Clinton “spent much of the evening with her arm around daughter Chelsea Clinton,” who lives nearby.

We hear the get-together was in a private room and that Hillary and Bill also celebrated with another small party at Estela.

Since when do the Clintons keep anything “low-key”?

Well, there was that “victory celebration” on November 8, 2016 that turned into a funeral. But outside of that, the Arkansas Hillbilly know how to throw a shindig on other people’s money.

During the 2016 campaign run the Clintons went all out for Bill’s birthday and of course turned it into a fundraiser for their fake charitable foundation. The fundraiser/birthday bash was held at the Rainbow Room, a fine-dining restaurant on the 65th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper.

Politico reported last year:

“The Clintons fundraiser plans called for performances by Wynton Marsalis, Jon Bon Jovi and Barbra Streisand, according to people briefed on the planning.

 They said that major donors are being asked to give $250,000 to be listed as a chair for the party, $100,000 to be listed a co-chair and $50,000 to be listed as a vice-chair.

 Former President Clinton had parties marking past milestone birthdays that also doubled as fundraisers for his foundation, which raised $12.6 million from his 60th birthday bash, and said everyone set to attend Friday’s party was aware that it was a fundraiser for the foundation.”

If the Clinton’s are famous for their fancy parties offering $250,000 a seat and raising millions for their foundation, why the sudden change?

Have the Clintons have become irrelevant? Uh…YES!

They used their so-called friends and “party goers” to raise money for their foundation in exchange for favors and bribes. Everyone was betting on Hillary winning the presidency where all the promises made to their friends would soon become reality.

But November 8, 2016 ushered in a new day. America tired of the crooks always getting away with their sins, and witnessing their lust for power.

Now the Clintons and DNC scramble over multiple scandals.  And as we suggested a while back, “low-key” party was nothing more then a cover designed to discuss strategy:

“This was a Mafia meeting. These Democrat gangsters gathered under the guise of a party to avoid suspicion. They invite friends and family to complete the ruse. They pretend to party, but the real reason for the gathering is to conduct Clinton Mafia business.

At this event, after dinner and drinks were shared the Mafiosos went to a back room to discuss business. And you can bet the head of the crime family, Hillary Clinton was not happy. Every member of the Clintons’ crime family has the potential to bring the family down.

Given everything that has happened and with Trump in that Oval Office Hillary’s crime spree has come to an end. The dominoes have begun to fall, and this time around Hillary Clinton will finally see the inside of a prison cell. And so will many of her “party-goers”.”

Perhaps Hillary Clinton can reflect on what a mess she’s made of her life from her prison cell.


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