CNN Doomed: President Trump about to FIRE their Top Dog

CNN Doomed: President Trump about to FIRE their Top Dog

President of CNN Jeff Zucker has wanted to take out Donald Trump for quite some time.

And he hasn’t seemed to care that his win at all cost mission is destroying his network.

Apparently Zucker’s bosses have taken notice. As the Washington Examiner reported,

Matt Drudge, editor and founder of the influential Drudge Report, predicted on Thursday that CNN President Jeff Zucker will likely be ousted from his role at the network due to a “personal” feud with President Trump and poor ratings.

“Jeff Zucker out either way at CNN, primetime ratings abysmal,” Drudge tweeted. “Feud with President Trump too personal and ridiculous…”

Zucker was named president of CNN in 2012 and was tasked with rebuilding the network as it competed with MSNBC and Fox News, which had staked out more partisan viewerships on the left and right, respectively.

But the proof is in the ratings. According to Forbes, CNN’s ratings are down 52 percent. Fox News suffered a ratings drop of 26 percent, but they at least have the excuse of losing their top two prime-time performers left within months of each other. Fox News went through a total rebuild. More on Fox in a bit.

MSNBC suffered the smallest drop, 6 percent. An obvious benefactor of the short-term demise of Fox News. However, those days ended a lot more quickly than MSNBC would like to admit.

Nick Nolte of Breitbart writes of CNN’s recent shift to Anti-Trump All The Time:

Until CNN turned into a 24/7 RedBaitingAntiTrumpFakeNewsHateMachine, the left-wing network was in second place, beating MSNBC much more often than not. So not only has CNN lost more than half of its year-over-year viewers, it has lost its bragging rights over its left-wing counterpart at MSNBC.

And things continue to get worse, primarily through unforced errors caused by CNN’s blinding hate and rabid partisanship. Without a doubt, CNN has just suffered through its worst week since those hilarious weeks back in June when CNN staffers had to be fired over hate-sprees against President Trump, and a barrage of firings occurred after the network was caught red-handed telling one audacious lie after another.

To begin with, although CNN and its elite media brethren are covering this news up, on Thursday we learned that CNN is facing yet-another massive racial discrimination lawsuit — a class-action suit. And when you look back and remember the efforts CNN put into stirring up riots in predominantly black neighborhoods, this should surprise no one.

Back to the ratings.

Recently, the media planets realigned, and Fox News finds itself back on top. This article from Sept 17 was only the beginning of the good news to come for Fox News:

One week after dropping to second, Fox News finished the week of Sept. 11 as No. 1 cable network in total day viewers. The Weather Channel ranked No. 1 for the week of Sept. 4 due to its wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Irma. TWC’s performance broke FNC’s 35-week streak as basic cable’s most-watched network.

And Fox News’s run as basic cable’s most-watched network in prime time ended this past week as ESPN took the lead, with the return on Monday Night Football. Fox News’s streak lasted 16 weeks.

In short, now that Hannity has returned to his regular slot replacing The Five, Maddow’s numbers have dropped.

Hannity has won comfortably in the ratings during both of his first two weeks matched up against the progressive Maddow — with whom the conservative host contrasts not just in ideology but in style — both in total viewers and in the key 25-54 demographic most coveted by advertisers.

The flogging of Maddow continues, even causing the president to weigh in.

“I am a ratings person. Has anyone seen his ratings? What you are doing to your competition is incredible,” Trump said to Hannity.

Nolte continues,

CNN’s public missteps this week, however, left all kinds of bruises.

Last-week Wednesday, in the immediate aftermath of the worst Islamic terror attack in New York since 9/11, and for reasons only clear to him, CNN’s struggling afternoon anchor, Jake Tapper, decided that it was a smart idea to misinform his viewers about the meaning of Allahu Akbar,” and do so in the most inappropriate way imaginable.

To make matters worse, rather than apologize and correct the record, Tapper chose to have a public meltdown over criticism of his inaccurate reporting.

On Monday, CNN’s twisted hatred for Trump red-lined with a double barrel of very fake news. In order to publish a false fact check, CNN deliberately edited out a portion of a Trump quote that would have disproven the fact check. Worse still, with the use of fake video, CNN was caught attempting to fabricate a Trump gaffe involving fish food.

Is a news outlet willing to lie about fish food willing to lie about anything? The asking of the question is your answer. Which brings me to Thursday

For at least three hours, primarily led by Tapper (who apparently has never found a rake he won’t step on), CNN lied about Trump setting a precedent in China when he chose not to take questions from the media.

To make matters worse, once it was discovered that in 2009 then-President Barack Obama did not take media questions in China, again, rather than apologize and correct, Tapper was caught in a clumsy attempt to try and cover up his fake news fusillade. To his credit, Tapper’s CNN colleague, Jeremy Diamond, did apologize and retract.

CNN learns a tough lesson. The Trump Jinx is real. And unless they start playing by the rules, the future looks dim.

As for Zucker, one wonders when he decided to start hating Donald Trump. He has a long history with Trump, going back to his days as an executive at NBC. It was Zucker who green-lighted “The Apprentice” and cast Trump as its star.

If he’d known what this would do for Trump’s career as a reality star might he have sacrificed the success? Based on his kamikaze actions, I’m inclined to say yes.


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