When Racists Receive the “Citizen of the Year” Award

When Racists Receive the “Citizen of the Year” Award

Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace prize as he waged three wars. Hillary Clinton got the Wonder Woman award, when she got her butt kicked by Super Trump. And if that’s not enough, a man, Bruce Jenner won Glamour’s Woman of the Year award.

And Leftists say we Conservatives are twisted?

Now we get another unlikely award, GQ Magazine announced that Colin Kaepernick will receive their “Citizen of the Year” award.

He’s been vilified by millions and locked out of the NFL—all because he took a knee to protest police brutality. But Colin Kaepernick’s determined stand puts him in rare company in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson—athletes who risked everything to make a difference.

He is still, to this day, one of the most gifted quarterbacks on earth. And yet he has been locked out of the game he loves—blackballed—because of one simple gesture: He knelt during the playing of our national anthem. And he did it for a clear reason, one that has been lost in the yearlong storm that followed. He did it to protest systemic oppression and, more specifically, as he said repeatedly at the time, police brutality toward black people.”

Just curious. Do you see any white kids in that picture?

In their announcement, GQ suggests the man who in 2014 signed a 6-year contract for $126 million to play a sport has been victimized.

Kaepernick deserves to play, they argue. GQ then pretends as if Kaepernick’s talent resembles greats like Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady. Thus, the NFL shuns Kaepernick based on his skin color. Tough argument to make, given the NFL’s 70 percent black players.

What GQ didn’t admit is that Kaepernick is bad for business.

GQ goes on to compare Colin’s so called “activism” to activist in the 60’s such as Muhammad Ali.

Ali refused to fight for a government who treated black people as second-class citizens. The difference between Ali and Kaepernick is Ali was right about the treatment of blacks five decades earlier. Thus, Ali’s activism was during the 60’s when racial tensions were high, and at the peak of the Civil Rights movement. Kaepernick doesn’t have an inkling of an idea of oppression compared to Ali.

Kaepernick and his ilk are not oppressed; unless driving $250,000 cars and living in multi-million dollar homes is the new definition of oppression. Most of these black NFL players live in mostly white neighborhoods and are married to white women.

Kaepernick and Anti-Americanism

Kaepernick’s story is an inspirational one showcasing what you can become in America despite your humble beginnings. But Kaepernick decided to be ungrateful and spit on the very country that made him a success.

Recall back in 2016 when leftist’ applauded Kaepernick for wearing socks with pigs on them disrespecting America’s police officers.

And then to make matters worse Colin actually pledged to donate to a charity named after a cop killer, Assata Shakur.

We reported previously of the donation:

“Colin Kaepernick’s $25,000 donation to a charitable group honoring a convicted cop killer has been revealed.

Kaepernick’s foundation made the donation to Chicago-based Assata’s Daughters, named after former Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur, in April as part of a $1 million charitable pledge.”

Kaepernick and other crybaby millionaires “kneelers” have left the NFL in ruins.

As TBS wrote of being “kaepernicked”:

To be Kaepernicked means a fate worse than death for a professional athlete.

The term arises from the ashes of Colin Kaepernick, the football player who dared to make one of America’s favorite sports a petri dish of social justice.

Football has always been a stamp in American culture. It brings the nation together as we cheer on our teams.

Sports, like music and other art forms, bring people together despite what your beliefs are. In the moment it’s about the team, or the art. All racial and social barriers disappear.

You see these players living out the American dream. Some come from nothing and create inspirational lives. They are grateful for every opportunity America has to offer its people.

But not all athletes feel this way, even when America makes them successful.

And when Colin Kaepernick took a knee, refusing to stand for the National Anthem, Americans were pissed off.

To sum it all up Kaeprrnicks story now teaches us that in order to win a “citizen of the year award” you must divide your country, hate cops, and disrespect our Flag.

GQ honored a racist. This should surprise no one, as GQ likely considers this a good move. A profitable move. I think this move will backfire, and that’s good. Conservatives need more wins that prove to the Left that talking down America doesn’t bode well for the future.





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