Trump Wins: The Message Most MISSED from Keurig’s Backpedal

Trump Wins: The Message Most MISSED from Keurig’s Backpedal

The coffee machine maker recently announced it would no longer advertise during Sean Hannity’s show.

Conservative customers stepped in and smashed that idea…literally. 

The Left usually wins when it comes to boycotts. They’ve used this tactic to back corporations down, so much so that over time corporations began to believe that Leftism ruled the day. So even the threat of a boycott was enough to have companies offering money to people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Companies wrote these Leftist extortion demands into their business plans.

But in case you didn’t notice, Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A changed things. Suddenly, the Right started winning the battles of the bucks.

Take Starbucks,for example. They suffered mightily when challenging the Right, and lost their CEO. When President Trump issued the same travel order as Barack Obama, Schultz decided to revolt. He vowed to hire thousand of Muslim refugees in defiance of the President of the United States’ order to protect the country from radical Islam. Conservatives boycotted Starbucks, and Schultz not only abandoned his idiotic plan, but tried to make amends by agreeing to hire 10,000 veterans.

We saw through it. The boycott remains, and Starbucks still suffers.

The next company was Target.

They decided to bend to the will of Leftists with a Draconian bathroom policy for the transgender. Nobody even bothered to ask what bathrooms the transgender went to prior to the change in policy.

This is because the Left didn’t care about the transgender, but instead about their ability to get corporations to capitulate to their whims. Target obliged, and with devastating financial consequences.

Along with the red ink the retailer has suffered for over a year, the company announced recently that it will close 10 stores. And this is only the beginning.

Keurig now suffers the same fate as Starbucks and Target.

Last Saturday Keurig announced the decision to stop advertising on Hannity. By Sunday, social media was on fire.

The backlash didn’t just boycott new purchases. Keurig owners posted videos to send a very clear message to the company: Side with the left, get out of my house!

This Marine war veteran helped ignite the #SmashKeurigChallenge.

Keurig Backpedals…FAST!

It only took a weekend for Keurig to see the error of it’s ways. So by Monday, Keurig’s CEO apologized.

You know what they say: when the going gets tough, leftists look for a back door to sneak out of. Honestly, it would be more respectable if the company just admitted they’re a bunch of liberals and let the cards fall where they may. However, they quickly issued a memo explaining how procedures will soon be redesigned to avoid another massive fallout.

Erik Wemple, of the Washington Post, obtained the memo.

However, the apology is as fake as Madonna’s British accent.

It’s just a bunch of fluff written to appease angry employees who don’t appreciate their employer’s stance. In fact, CEO Bob Gamgort only regrets the social media rage over his bonehead decision.

As he put it;

“…the nature of social media and the internet news environment is that stories like this explode, and generally do not disappear quickly.”

Moving Forward

Obviously, choosing sides politically proves to be disastrous for many companies.

Keep in mind, Keurig wasn’t the only company caught in the Hannity firestorm. announced they too were cutting ties with Hannity. However, as soon as the backlash started, they backpedaled at lightening speed.

Saturday’s tweet read:

“We are not currently, and will not be running TV ads on Hannity.”

However, by Sunday, the corporate blog read:

“We will continue to place ads across a broad range of networks, including Fox News and its top shows.”

This is clear evidence of the power of Conservatives. Going forward, companies who want to succeed should think before they act against Conservatives. We pack a powerful fiscal punch.

And talk about bad timing for Keurig. With just over a month ’til Christmas, taking Keurig off the shopping list will leave a powerful impression. But perhaps the worst thing that could happen is for the Trump family to chime in, as they did with Macy’s.

What few people discuss is the social significance of the Trump presidency, as it pertains to corporate America. The president’s assault on the NFL has caused them to suffer mightily. Further, his assault on the fake news and downright crooked media has media giants like CNN in financial triage.

And as the president continues to prove that companies who back his pro-America policies win, Conservatism will flourish.





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