Leftist Mogul Mad President Trump IGNORES Him

Leftist Mogul Mad President Trump IGNORES Him

President Trump is a money-maker.

If it weren’t for the president, the late-night comics would have no material. Actually, even with the president the late night comic hacks have no material. But for now, their dwindling audiences can have a few “canned” laughs. But for now, President Trump is their money-maker.

And the fact is, President Trump may very well be a descendant of Midas. Because what the man touches turns to gold. Which is why Eminem wanted to be touched.

According to BET,

Eminem shook the digital sphere when he spit his hard-hitting cypher during the BET Hip Hop Awards. The internet erupted in celebration when Em dropped a few bars throwing shots at Donald Trump, but t it seems that everyone took notice of the Detroit artist’s cypher — except for Donnie himself. And according to a new interview with Shade 45, Eminem isn’t too pleased about it.

During his recent interview, Eminem expressed his frustrations with Trump ignoring his BET freestyle. “I was and still am extremely angry,” the “Walk on Water” artist said. “I can’t stand that motherf**ker. I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn’t say anything.”

Shrew move for President Trump to ignore Eminem. And here’s why.

Trump chimes in when there is a bigger issue at stake. By not responding the Eminem, the president says to America’s #1 rapper, “You’re irrelevant!”

But bringing Americans home is relevant. Thus, the president chimed in on LaVar Ball after Ball claimed the president did nothing to get his son back from China. Many Leftists chided the president for publicly taking credit for the move, but that was to be expected by these anti-Trump morons.

The fact is, the president shouldn’t have needed to fire back at Ball. But because the media wouldn’t, President Trump did what he does best: promote his work.

The president wanted the world to know what he had done, because of the importance of the move. As we wrote of this at the time:

Trump to the Rescue

All kidding aside, these young black thieves better thank God that Obama wasn’t president. With a weak-kneed sister like Obama, these youngsters might have gotten the Otto Warmbier treatment.

Remember Otto Warmbier? He was an American student sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing a North Korean flag on a building while in North Korea.

15 years for stealing a flag?!

And what did Obama do? Well he certainly didn’t fight to bring this young man home. Obama told the Warmbier family to chill, and then he left that white kid to die. It wasn’t until Donald Trump became president that the NK freed Warmbier.

We wrote about Otto’s condition not long ago:

“Over a year ago, American college student Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a North Korean prison for stealing a North Korean flag from a government building.

 Just this past June, it was announced that Warmbier had been released following the news that he had been in a coma for over a week.

 United States officials were notified of Warmbier’s condition and immediately sent an American delegation including a medical team to Pyongyang to attend to him and bring him home.

 According to his parents, Warmbier had been in a coma for over a year. The Warmbier family has long campaigned for the release of their son and for the former President Obama to do more to negotiate his release.”

Sadly, Obama did the same with the Marine who took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was imprisoned after making a wrong turn across the border for possessing illegal weapons. He was carrying three guns that are legal in the United States but not in Mexico.

At the time, Tahmooressi had been held in a Tijuana prison for almost three months and faced charges that could of kept him in Mexico for up to 21 years.

We documented the case:

Tahmooressi has been trapped for seven months now, and he suffers from PTSD.  It was announced at the hearing that the case could be dismissed based on humanitarian grounds, as Mexico is unable to provide the proper treatment

Here is the response from the White House.  Seriously. I’m not kidding.

“We respect the rule of law and expect the judicial process of sovereign nations to protect other U.S. citizens who might find themselves in similar circumstances in the future…We will continue to monitor the case and work with the Mexican authorities as this case proceeds through the Mexican judicial system.”

What a pansy we had for a president.

Eminem is a rapper; that’s all. To him, that may be a big deal; but to President Trump, he’s just another dude.

Eminem wrongly thought an attack on President Trump would showcase his thin skin. It didn’t, because unlike the Leftist narrative, Trump doesn’t care about personal attacks.

I love how President Trump keeps the Left jumping through hoops and missing guesses. First they don’t want him to tweet. Next, they are mad when he doesn’t.

Well played, President Trump!

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