Why Leftists LOVE Marxists Communists and other Deviants

Why Leftists LOVE Marxists Communists and other Deviants

Americans are rightly outraged when people march in our streets with Nazi or KKK flags. But where is the outrage for flags of Marxists and Communists leading violent protests.

This raises uncomfortable questions, like, “Why do our schools, media, and entertainment industry refuse to repudiate the evils of Communism both past and present?”

And here’s another. “Why can Leftist protest groups such as Antifa riot and attack police without condemnation?”

In remembering how many of our veterans lost their limbs or lives fighting Communism in Korea and Vietnam, why is neo-Marxism tolerated?

Finally, considering how many American immigrants are refugees from Communist oppression in Asia and Cuba, why is Communism still socially acceptable?

Lenin, Stalin, and the early Soviet Communists by some estimates murdered 60 million people, a death toll far worse than Hitler’s Holocaust. Only the Black Death during the 14th Century served as a worse killer.

In the 1930’s, the Soviets also supported Leftists in the Spanish Civil War who persecuted the Church and martyred many Catholics. And after WWII, Stalin took millions of German civilians, including women and children, back to the Soviet Union for forced labor. This enslavement that continued until 1956.

Why is all of this ignored?

Also consider the impact of Marxism/Communism in Asia.

Mao Tse Tung murdered between 49-78 million people in China. Chinese Communists likewise committed ethnic cleansing against the peaceful Tibetan people. In Cambodia, Pol Pot killed between 20-33% of his nation’s population.

Despite cosmetic reforms, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Cuba still remain in the murderous, anti-Christian clutches of Communism.

In Venezuela, a nation that should be rich from its oil, Marxism has literally reduced men to eating their own dogs. And the Red Cancer, which afflicts a vast swath of mankind, continues its genocide in the form of forced abortion.

Why then, do the media, schools, and entertainment industry fail to educate regarding the genocides and anti-Christian persecutions carried out by by Leftists in the 20th Century?

Is it because some of them share the Marxist obsession of destroying Christianity and tearing down Western Civilization? Is it because many RINOs who preach patriotism and faith during elections have joined America’s Leftists in forging international trade deals with Communist regimes, deals which enrich them while reducing our nation to a state of total dependency? Or because our government and banks borrow billions from Communist China, using those funds to support the expansion of global government through the anti-Christian tentacles of the IMF, the World Bank, the EU, and the UN?

We must understand and fight Marxism for the evil that it is. Marxism is more than a theory of economics or even politics. It is a complete worldview, an all-embracing ideology which merely expresses itself in the language of economics because it was born of an economist.

Marx repeatedly insisted that organized religion is evil and must be destroyed. Writing to a European audience, Marx meant Christianity.

Marx’s hatred spewed forth not only against Christianity, but in opposition to all of Western Civilization, which is a cultural product of the Church. Marx and his partner Engels also wrote that marriage and family must be destroyed in order to bring forth their revolution. Further, Marxism explicitly calls for its adherents to impose its doctrines at the end of a bayonet, using bloody revolution to cut out those who cling to faith, family, and patriotism.

This is why every country which has adopted Marx’s ideology has also violently persecuted Christians. The greatest bloodbaths committed against Christians in history have occurred at the hands of 20th Century Leftists.

At present, Christians still face violent oppression under Communist regimes while also suffering genocide under Muslim terrorists supported by anti-Christian Leftist governments. Leftists are also the traitors opening the gates to the Islamic invasion of Western nations.

Since the 1960’s, the media, entertainment industry, schools, colleges, and even some religious groups in America have become the tools of Cultural Marxism. Further, under the influence of Marxism, the Democratic Party has consistently misused our tax dollars to attack faith, family, and private property while massacring millions of unborn babies. They have ironically twisted the 1st Amendment to ban any expression of Christianity from the public sector. They have abused the power of government to grow anti-Christian Islamic numbers in our nation.

Next, they have refused to defend our borders, thus diluting our Christian values. They have habitually condemned our police and supported groups whose rallies often devolve into riots, arson, looting, and cop-killing.

What is the Left’s agenda?

Nothing can be more obvious- the destruction of Christianity, national sovereignty, and Western Civilization in order to establish global government.

The spectacle of Antifa and others brandishing Communist flags in our streets as American flags burn is not merely political expression, but a declaration of war. Just as we are rightly offended by hateful bigots saluting the Nazi swastika, we must likewise stand against anti-Christian bigots and potential criminals in Che t-shirts waving the Sickle and Hammer!

Why fight overseas against terrorists promoting anti-Western violence if we will allow Leftist groups with similar terrorist motives and ways run wild at home? There’s no point in our government reacting against a Communist country thousands of miles away attempts to gain nuclear missiles if we ignore the Communist terrorists rioting in our streets. Fearing a Communist dictator bombing our cities is pointless if we let Communists burn those cities to the ground from within.

Joseph Hebert is a new contributor on “Black Sphere”.

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