‘IMPEACH 45’: Battle Cry of Big Mouth Racists Pretending to be Relevant

‘IMPEACH 45’: Battle Cry of Big Mouth Racists Pretending to be Relevant

Maxine Waters and other members of the Congressional Black Circus (CBC) do nothing for America or their constituents. They merely waste time and energy.

Recall Congresswoman Fredrica Willson and her lies about President Trump’s call to a Gold Star mother. In a time of grief, that circus clown Wilson genned up outrage from a grieving widow. And to what end?

Would Wilson prove the most pro-military president of the new millennium to be something other? Did anybody dispute President Trump’s love of the military? Of course not.

But Wilson’s agenda was to paint President Trump as a racist. Thus, he hates “black” military men, thus the so-called disrespectful call.

That story ended as it should have. Wilson was proved to be a bigoted clown. And sadly, the Gold Star widow proved to be nothing more than a complicit, easily led liar.

The role of the CBC is to pretend to do necessary things, to appear relevant.

These black Congressmen and one Senator are the biggest joke in government in America’s history. Black Leftists are too stupid to be embarrassed by these clowns. In fact, black Leftists have been trained to believe these are the best blacks in America. Put simply: for black Leftists, the worse you are, the more you are revered.

A shrine for Michael Brown, Jr. A statue in DC proposed for crackhead Marion Barry. Need I say more?

And the nonsense continues, as Democrats jumped on Congressman Al Green’s legislation to impeach the president. Big mouth black Democrats calling for his impeachment don’t have enough sense to be ashamed.

If anybody should have been impeached, it is Barack Obama.

I contend that history will showcase Obama as the most crooked politician to ever ascend to the presidency. And he will also be among the Top Three worse presidents in our nation’s history. But the CBC kindly gives Obama a pass, because he’s half-black.

Let’s look at the lunacy of impeaching President Trump aside from the notion that he’s done nothing impeachable.

Reason One: The House

Republicans controlled the House of Representatives. “A simple majority of the U.S. House of Representatives (at least 218 votes) is required to impeach a U.S. President, followed by a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate (at least 67 votes). The number of votes required make impeachment difficult.”

Currently there are 240 Republicans and 194 Democrats in the House, plus one vacancy. So, a Republican-controlled House would never allow for an impeachment of the president with no evidence. However, let’s pretend the House allowed the vote.

If all Democrats and for the sake of argument the “vacancy’ voted to impeach the president, the Democrats would still need 23 Republicans. Given President Trump’s performance and sway over Republican politics, how many Democrats would spend time trying to convince at least 23 Republican congressman to vote for impeachment? Then, how many Republican congressmen have open ears to the concept?

Reason Two: The Senate

Republicans hold a majority in the Senate, turncoats notwithstanding: “After the House of Representatives passes a resolution impeaching the president, the U.S. Senate holds a trial to determine if the president is guilty of the charges against him. Two-thirds of the members of the Senate must return a guilty verdict in order to convict the president. The Senate holds separate votes to decide on removing the president from office and barring him from holding offices in the future.”

There are 54 Republicans and 46 Democrats in the Senate. Of these, 67 Senators must vote to convict.  Assuming all Democrats will vote to convict, there would need 21 Republican senators to also vote to convict.

Reason Three: The Democrat leadership doesn’t want this.

As Politico pointed out, Pelosi announced to the Impeach 45 crow, impeaching Trump “not someplace that I think we should go.”

Further, in an article for Time,

“Two days after a group of Democrats made moves to impeach President Donald Trump, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said during a speech that impeaching Trump would be a waste of time and energy, because ‘he’s just not that important.’”

So, in the House, Pelosi would offer no support. And neither will House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer who said:

“’There are a large number of Democrats who believe this president ought to be impeached. We have just made the judgment that the facts aren’t there to pursue that,’ House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told reporters Wednesday. ‘And what we want to pursue, we don’t want to distract [from] what is our focus.’”

Interestingly, one of the Congressmen calling for impeachment of the president don’t seem to have much resolve.

As I mentioned earlier, Rep. Al Green from Texas called for impeachment. Next, he allowed the matter to be shelved:

”WASHINGTON — A Democratic congressman took to the House floor on Wednesday to unveil articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, but allowed the measure to be shelved to avoid forcing his Democratic colleagues to take a potentially difficult vote.

“Sporting an American flag tie, Rep. Al Green of Texas excoriated the president in front of his fellow lawmakers.

“’Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America, has undermined the integrity of his office with impunity,’ Green said. ‘[He] has betrayed his trust as president to the manifest injury of the American people and is unfit to be president and is impeached pursuant to Article Two, Section Four, of the Constitution of the United States of America.’

“Any impeachment attempt is a nonstarter in the Republican-controlled Congress. But Green’s was a ‘privileged resolution,’ which would have required the House to vote on the measure within two days.” —

The fact is, the people calling for impeachment know they have no chance of achieving it. Instead of working on unifying policy issues, these black and brown clowns choose to waste taxpayer time and money on pipe dreams.

They will go back to their ignorant bases like conquering heroes returning from war. These fools merely play games in DC at the taxpayer expense.

They don’t want to help their constituents, but do enough to garner votes from the morons fooled into believing they have representation.


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