James Clyburn’s FLIPPANT DEFENSE of Sexual Misconduct: “Who elected them?”

James Clyburn’s FLIPPANT DEFENSE of Sexual Misconduct: “Who elected them?”

In defense of sexual misconduct by Congressman John Conyers, another Congressional Black Circus clown, James Clyburn weighed in.

When asked why Conyers wasn’t being held to the standard of other men in other industries, Clyburn flippantly replied, “Who elected them?”

So in other words, if you’re an elected official and servant of the people, sexual misconduct is permitted?

Clyburn’s handler tried to put the reporters on the spot, saying, “I don’t know, you would have to give me some examples.”

Then the reporter launches into a shopping list of Leftist sexual perverts, which left the man stunned. That’s when Clyburn decided to put foot in mouth with his snide and soon to be regrettable comment.

Clyburn Defense: He showcased the attitude that representatives have in DC. They believe they are above the law.

Conunderground reported: on just a few of the investigations into the Congressional Black Caucus:

Representative Sanford Bishop (D-GA):- Under Investigation

The investigation is focused on possible misappropriation of funds at the Muscogee County Junior Marshal program based in Columbus.  Sanford Bishop steered almost $200,000 of earmarked funds to the “Junior Marshall” program. The Program employed both the Congressman’s Stanford’s step-daughter and her husband.

Representative Corrine Brown (D-FL)-Chock full of corruption allegations, fines, investigations, racist comments.

Corrine Brown’s list of investigations into financial impropriety started almost as soon as she was elected to public office. She was fined $5000 by the Florida Ethics Commission for using legislative employees as dual employees of her travel business.

Jim Clyburn(D-SC)-Earmarked our Taxpayer dollars to line his brother’s, nephew’s  and son’s pockets

Rep. Clyburn claims the U.S. Constitution mandates him to earmark, and if you are going to earmark  why not help a brother out, or a nephew or a son or a friend?

John Conyers, Jr (D-Mi) Dean Congressional Black Caucus.

John Conyers is no stranger to the FBI and the State’s attorney office. After all he wrote a letter to both those fine organizations explaining that the accusations leveled by former aides alleging that Conyers used his staff to work on several local and state campaigns and forced them to baby-sit and chauffeur his children was but a matter of ” lack of clarity” in his communications with staff members”

Chaka Fattha (D-PA) Mr Fattha’s troubles seem to be just starting.

Last month federal investigators announced that they are examining a multimillion-dollar scholarship program. The program founded four years ago  by U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah( D-PA)   and abruptly announced last month that he was shutting down.

The inquiry appears to be in its early stages, with investigators asking about the use of federal grant money that has flowed into the program, named CORE Philly.

Alexander N. “Al” Green (D-Tx). Al Green’s resume includes accusations of sexual assault of a former employee as well as failure to report $300,000 in campaign contributions

Representative Al Green, Democrat of Houston, has been accused of sexual assault by a former employee in his Congressional office…

Green’s former district director, Lucinda Daniels, claims she was assaulted at her home in May 2007. “He sexually assaulted her, she did not give consent,” said Daniels’ attorney, Chip Lewis. “He tried to pursue a romantic relationship after that, she spurned his advances.”That’s when Daniels claims the Congressman made things hostile at work. After her resignation Daniels says Green then smeared her character to possible future employers. Daniels, according to Green’s attorney, allegedly demanded $1.8 million from the Congressman.

Alcee Hastings.(D-FL) Is a a historical figure,  a former judge, Alcee Hastings was impeached and removed form office for corruption and perjury. 

This is Alcee Hastings claim to fame, for you see in the entire history of our country only six other judges were so unceremoniously kicked out of office. It is my belief that Alcee Hastings historical standing is further enhanced as he is the only one to have served as a congressman post impeachment.In 1981, Hastings was charged with accepting a $150,000 bribe in exchange for a lenient sentence and a return of seized assets for 21 counts of racketeering.

And there are many more.

We documented a few a while back.

The stench of a self-serving conspiracy didn’t stop Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) and nineteen other CBC members backed by caucus chairwoman Barbara Lee (D-California) from introducing a resolution to decrease the openness in which the office works.  Quite the contrary, as this group within the CBC wants to inhibit the instigation of an investigation, scale back the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics—an independent group of private citizens.

Why would the idea of impropriety dissuade the CBC?  After all, if DC will re-elect crack head Marion Barry, why not try to shut down the OCE?

Let’s recap a few scandals:

William Jefferson who literally had his money on ice, when the FBI discovered that he had hidden $90K in bribery money in his freezer! I know black people:  He was SET UP, and by white men keeping a brotha down!

Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) is currently embroiled in a pay-for-play scandal, where it is alleged that he    tried to buy the vacated Senate seat for $1.5M. Chump change for a guy who owns the Anheuser-Busch distributorship for Chicago! Little Jackson barely had enough money to move from DC to Chicago, when he “lucked into” the Congressional seat vacated by Mel Reynolds. Only a fool would not believe that Jackson didn’t try to buy this seat. That is Chicago Politics 101!

Then there is Charlie Rangel,(D-NY) Slum Lord Millionaire, who was digitally captured, mouth agape as he sunned his rotund belly under the warmth of Caribbean sun, the only thing missing was a pina colada in Rangel’s kung fu grip.  Rangel’s jaunt to the azure seas was sponsored by corporations, and discovered, ironically by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

For the sake of brevity, I will end here.

But understand that almost every member of the CBC has been under the microscope for crooked dealings at one time.

And now we understand how they keep their positions of power. Because as Clyburn implied of their immunity: they were elected.

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