The manhunt claims another victim. At this rate, soon we will live Amazon.

The latest person to fall victim to sexual harassment charges is NBC’s Matt Lauer.


The Today Show announced Matt Lauer has been terminated after he was accused of inappropriate behavior.

The Today Show announced there was an inappropriate sexual behavior complaint filed against Lauer and he was terminated as a result.

The president was on top of it.


Matt Lauer became a co-host on The Today Show in 1994. He eventually replaced Bryant Gumbel in 1997 and has been the bedrock for the show for quite some time.

As The Balance reports,

Morning news shows are sometimes dismissed as being nothing but idle banter and lightweight content, but Lauer has conducted many noteworthy interviews over the years which have helped Today maintain a newsy presence. Lauer has interviewed President Barack Obama and then-President George W. Bush.

Lauer can also present a lighter side. His “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” segments have him reporting live from around the world. He’s given millions of viewers an up-close look at dozens of locations, both famous and obscure. It’s a fun way to teach people geography, world culture, and history that has become a popular series.

Lauer’s greatest test has come since the dismissal of Ann Curry as his co-anchor in 2012. Whether fair or accurate, Lauer has received a backlash from viewers over her departure, with some accusing him of being behind it. That public relations nightmare may be partly to blame for the Today show’s slide into second place.

Well, you can bet that Lauer now finds himself with a new test.

How does one replace a $28,000,000 salary, and salvage his reputation? Let’s see which one he decides to focus on.

What timing? And women said that President Trump wouldn’t be good for the Women’s Movement?

Under President Trump, the Leftist Democrat leches fall like flies. But this is a cautionary tale. Because if you’re an innocent man today in a position of authority, you’d better watch your back. The Women’s Movement comes for you regardless.

Ah the irony, as women want to be men. And soon their day comes as well.

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